Neighbor Issues

By Siligurl

I am on the ground floor of an apartment complex that I have lived in for over 6 years. 

My issue is with the tenants of the unit above us.  The residents are a husband and wife plus their son, a toddler. 

Ok.  Toddlers stamp, bash, basically? Cause a rukus! I know this, raised one myself!  BUT…??

My husband has talked with the "man of the house", on, at least, 3 occasions now, about the noise.  The pictures on my walls MOVE!  The noise? Is constant! The only reason that I’m dealing with it now is that I have been on medical leave since June and had a spine stimulater put in my back on Halloween.  I finally start to relax…meds kicking in… BAM !!   It sounds like hundreds of pounds just hit the floor! My animals are looking at me like, "What The F***" Was That"???

I have ALWAYS, prior to this, been in a second floor unit, being a single mother.. I had a treadmill, did aerobics, had a toddler… Not ONE complaint! I asked.. They loved us! LOL! 

I am not sure what to do.. In the past? I’ve hit the ceiling with my broom (yes, I know I sound like a crazy old lady, LOL!), and they’ve stopped.  Tonite? They POUNDED BACK!!! WTH??  She vaccums, at least, 3-5 times a day.. her babysitter/brother is always there(that’s who the "man of the house" blamed the noise on), and not on the lease.. They’ve been without power at least twice which is a complex NO!NO!… I’m at my end..  We’ve had, at least, 3 other neighbors, above us, in this unit.  Worst problem was the bass of the stereo shaking the walls with two of them.. One of wiich was the prior managements, "party boy" son! Who STILL tries to contact my husband! I have no idea what I can do.. Not sure whether to leave it in the hands of management are just call the police when it happens.  Their banging back tonight, just proved that they are completely rude and inconsiderate.  They have NO INTENTION of doing anything except what they want to do..

Love this complex but if the resign a lease? I am SO GONE…

Any Suggestions?


Edited on: Monday, November 12th, 2012 11:54 pm

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