No Propane Tank

By Felicia

I just moved into a my apartment with propane heat and stove. When I signed the lease I was told that there was a propane tank and that I would be able to shop around for the lowest priced company. Now I find out that I do not even have a propane tank and the lowest priced company will not let me enter into an agreement for a tank (the landlord told me after I moved in that I have to get a tank myself) because I am not the property owner. I tried to tell her this but she does not want to enter into an agreement for a tank and does not want to pay the money for the tank, she is now telling me to go to another company that she knows will give me the tank. The problem is this comapnys propane prices are one of the highest around. Is it legal for her to tell me that I have to enter into an agreement for a propane tank when I am not the owner of the property and I am not even renting to own. Also if I was told I could shop around for gas is it ok for her to tell me where to go now, since she wont put in a tank. I have not been able to heat my home or use my stove for the last 2-3 weeks.

Edited on: Monday, December 12th, 2011 12:04 pm

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