Noise complaint

By Dhanish

Hi ,

I rent a 1st floor apartment in North Brunswick,NJ . I have a 20 months old daughter and my wife staying with me . Couple of times we received cease letter from apartment office. The latest being with subjectline "Disturbing other tenants peace and quiet enjoyment".
The surprising part is i am on first floor and i receive complaints from second floor. In the latest letter all allegations are against my little duaghter stating she run, scream, falls and banging her toys on the floor.
Whether my child has her right to move around normally in the apartment? Do i need to plaster her mouth to make her shut? We are kind of handcuffed now and not able to move freely/talk between each other in the apartment that i rent ?
Request you help on this ASAP as the place seems hell for my family  , i want to move out from here but as i still have 5 month left in the agreement.

Edited on: Saturday, June 28th, 2014 3:01 am

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