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By Katharina Garvin

My husband and I rented a house In charlotte from a private renter. There was no early termination clause in the lease. We paid a year of rent up front because my husband had not started working yet. His job contract got recended because of budget cuts and we were forced to move out of state. We found new renters that were approved by the landlord and they moved in the day we moved out, so there was no gap in rent payment  for the landlord. He verbally agreed to refund our rent if the new renters stayed through our lease term. Now he is saying that he will only refund a part of what we paid. I know that it is illegal to charge rent twice on the same place but i can’t find a statute to back it up. Do I have any online legal advice recourse to recover my money? HELP!!!

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Richard Bagget

January 10th, 2009 9:33 pm

Wow, sounds like the landlord is really taking advantage of your early rent payment. However, it sounds like you still have rights that should protect this money. Although the actual statute stating the specific rent law can help you understand better, ultimately it will not get your money back. Most likely there is no written statute that refers to your situation.
So now what? Well, it can get tricky!! In fact just because someone owes you the money does not mean they will freely give it back. Its always easier to give than to get back.
I would say that you will need to start a paper trail. Most likely depending on the landlord, he may require you to take him to court over it. But, you will only want to take your landlord to court as a last option. Landlord/ Renter court cases can be expensive and legnthy. And to make things worse, if you do take your landlord court you can bet that they will have more money to hire a better attorney. However, to start the process you can thank the Rental Protection Agency for creating a Landlord Tenant Mediation program that helps landlords stay honest and fair. The process requires you to file a complaint. (you will need to pay a $35 processing fee) After you file the complaint you will receive a case number which will be assigned to an investigating agent. The RPA will contact your landlord to seek a fair resolution. The entire process is documented and creates a paper trail that will protect your rights. If the RPA is un-successful, you will now have documentation that will help you take your landlord to court. The best part is that the RPA is subsidized so you only have to pay $35, no matter how much or little money you make.
Good luck to you… But don’t worry, help is litterally at your finger-tips!


January 14th, 2009 6:40 pm

thats just wrong! I cant beleive your landlord would charge double. Good luck getting your money!


November 26th, 2012 11:52 am

Richard is correct. My cousin faced a similar problem where he paid complete rent at before and later on at the later stage after 8 month or so was moving out from that place and landlord wasn’t ready to refund rest of the amount. The landlord was extremely bad behavioural person, however rental protection agency handled his case very well and their investigation agent helped really well and the problem is sorted now, my cousin received some less money as was landlord to give, however the case is resolved now.
Hope it will help you as well.


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