overlaying old flooring on deck and in kitchen.

By Eric Anderson

 My wife, kid and I recently moved into our new appartment and first few days were perfect, but also very cool days. The heat and sun came out and started to warm the deck and bring up a very horrific smell of animal urine. The Smell would consume our apparment in the mornings and afternoons and die back down as the heat and direct sun exposure would go. on top the urine smell coming from the deck my wife also noticed there was a very faint smell of it coming from under our sink in the kitchen area. 

 We reported the smells as well as our microwave Humming very loudly then shutting off on us and our kitchen flooring just being laid over the old kitchen flooring. It took us almost a week to get a maintenience guy to come and "replace" the deck carpeting. I put replace in quotation for the reason of when I returned from work I could still smell the urine faintly. I saw the new carpet on the deck and figured maybe the urine had leaked under the storage door. I opened the door and smelled the carpet and it had been that heavy contaminated. Looking closer at the new carpet I noticed staples in the carpet poorly put through and peeking from under the new carpet on the deck is the old carpet. The guy who came and "Replaced the carpet" had just overlayed the old contaminated carpet. 
 The microwave we were told was brand new and still under warrenty he said would get GE to send someone out to "repair it" we have already been almost a week with out our microwave. Things under warrenty I have never heared of a compant sending someone in to repair the appliance.  the other complaints we were told they would come and take care of the next day over and we are still pending and waiting on these repairs.

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