problem with resident manager

By anonymous

I live in Hawaii and the resident manager just hated me he kept harrasing me every day, at first i ignored it then he started fineing me then he entered my lanai ready to open the sliding door and pointed his flashlight in my friend and my eyes and he said stop laughing, you cant be laughing, i was dumbfounded for one that was illegal what he did trying to enter my property for two he fined me another 50.00 fine for giggleing, ridiculous! its against the law to laugh in your own house , i confronted him the next day about doing that and he played like he had amnesia, then he kept harrassing me daily making false accusations blaming me and fining me for things that just werent true. So he got me evicted i guess he told my landlord theres complaints on me and my landlord decided to evict me, i was paid up on my  rent, so anyway on the last day i was cleaning out my unit even if i was paid up for the month so i believe i still could have stayed there because legally im paid up way in advance and the landlord still cashed my checks for the rent. the resident manager called the police and had me arrested for criminal tresspassing the police didnt even know that i resided there and that my rent was paid up for an extra month. i still got arrested and i did not know why and one of my neighbors had smashed my car with arock and shattered the whole windshield and i get arrested. The question is i know my rights and could i have gotten arrested for criminal tresspassing even though i was paid up and why didnt they arrest the criminal that smashed my  car and they arrested me and the cop didnt even read me my rights when he arrested me he also was verbally abusive and he did not let me explain why i was on property and the officer also didnt tell me what the reason was for grtting arrested the only way i found out was when i was released from jail. im traumatized for life i want to take the res. manager to court and the other culprit to court for smashing my window, he did the crime he should pay the time.

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