Problems since day 1!!! HELP!!!!

By Kimberly Slattery

I moved into my apartment on Sept. 1. They were still construcing it while I was moving, even though it was promised to be done. My stove was broken, and after much questioning on my part, a new one was replace about 6 weeks after moving in. Repairs that were supposed to have been done before me moving in never happened. I requested rent receipts, and did not receive one until the 8th month of my lease. It took 4 months to put up banisters in the hallways. Snow removal would take 2-4 days, even after I fell and hurt myself. The landlords decided to redo their floors, and put a polyeutherane coat on the floors of their level (we live in a house with an added addition.) They left for two days without telling us, and I had headaches, nausea, and dizziness due to the chemicals. Now, our stairwell has been blocked for over a week. I have about a 9 inch space to try and squeeze through the opening to leave. This is a fire hazzard. I could go on and on and on. What is the best way to deal with the unfairness of the situation, as well as get my security deposit back? I know he is going to try and make things up on why I shouldn’t get it back. I have paid all rent on time, and my landlord has no respect for me as a person. PLEASE HELP!!! I have til sept 1.

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Darren from Ohio

September 8th, 2011 6:31 am

Never move into an apartment unless you are 100 percent happy with the condition of the apartment it is in AT the time you sign the lease. There is no mention to who is responsible for snow removal, appliance repairs, etc.

Although your landlord may be ‘slow’ in making repairs (if they are supposed to) or in breach of any obligations because they dont do things as ‘fast’ as you want. You are not helpless why not just get a snow shovel out and do it yourself if your not happy?. Rent receipt? Pay with a check or money order if that is a problem. When does a landlord have to tell his tenant when and when not he is leaving an comming back? He does not have to check in with you nor you him unless your going to be gone in excess of a specific amount of time.

I understand the landlord doing his floor in that chemical does stink but you know, tough luck. As long as there is proper ventaliation (outside) nothing you can do. If your that sick stay at a friends house for a couple of days, unfair yes, breach of lease or your rights, no.

From what I read you seem to be unhappy and maybe rightfully so. If your month-to-month give a 30 day notice otherwise too bad. Sorry.


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