Rent Mold

By tina

I moved into this new apartment last month & i started realizing this last past week i couldn’t BREATHE in the bedroom. little to my surprise there is black mold in three windows of the apartment. i am really allergic to mold. i have asthma which rarely acts up but i am nearly to the point of going to the ER for a asthma attack. i cough and sneeze and my lymph nodes are swollen. it’s horrible. plus, i have a one year old. i don’t want her getting sick!

i just want to move out! today i plan to tell the landlord about it, but i’m sure they will try to spray bleach on it and say it’s fine. which btw the mold is in the wood surrounding the window. not just ON it… it’s been there A LONG TIME. other apartments in the complex (i have noticed) have the same condensation problem so if they were to offer a new unit, i would probably have the same problem.

i signed a 6 month lease, there was no deposit. how do i try to get out of this lease without paying a break-lease fee????

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March 14th, 2009 12:47 pm

My sister has the same problem, and bedbugs, and a carbon monoxide leak. She asked the management to address the problems and told them she can’t stay there. Twelve days later, failed to address the mold (they said it was due to inadequate cleaning), said they detected no CO emmissions, and charged her for the pest control (who left the chemical dust all over the furniture and clothing). They handed her the bill, with an unannounced increase of rent. She moved out her belongings and sent the management two letters explainig her displeasure with the situation and turned in the keys. Yesterday, they posted (did not serve) a notice of unlawful detention. So, off to court. You should talk to an attorney too. Don’t clean up the mold though if there is a lot.


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