Rental bait and switch

By Megan

I’ve been renting with the same company for two years with no problems.  In fact, the ladies that work in the leasing office are the nicest people I’ve ever encountered.  The apartments are wonderful.  I needed a bigger apartment though and we arranged to move into a two bedroom apartment on the 8th.  We didn’t discuss signing a new lease.  A couple weeks before the move-in date I was told the apartment wasn’t ready and the lady in the leasing office, let’s call her Kim, asked if we could move in the 14th.  That was fine.  We turned in our deposit for the new apt.  The 14th came.  Kim calls me 10 minutes before the moving truck arrives and tells me we can’t have the two bedroom due to a flea infestation.  Our options were wait until December or take a three bedroom.  Kim isn’t qualified to discuss discounts but tells us she will contact the regional manager to see what they can do about the three bedroom.  Due to my schedule and my boyfriend’s December was no an option.  My boyfriend’s parents also took unpaid time off work to help us move…and rented the truck.  Kim tells us we have to sign the lease for the current rate but that she could attatch an addendum with the discount that would be presented to us.  The regional manager does not speak to me directly and says that “it’s not their problem” about us having to take the three bedroom.  But its not mine either.  I know I don’t have a case that would hold up in court.  I just want to know what I can say to the regional manager.  Shouldn’t they take a hit?  What would you do?  What would you say?  (Oh, by the way the rent difference is $200 monthly…I’m not talking a few bucks)  Was I a victim of a bait and switch?  Can I go above the regional manager?  Thanks for your time!

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August 20th, 2008 7:08 am

Megan I don’t thnk this would be considered a bait and switch as much as I would say that management is more concerned about providing you and your boyfirend with a safe and quality unit. The problem is that their timing was awful! 10 minutes isn’t a whole lot of time, but on the other hand I wouldn’t want to live in a flea infested rental unit, double YUCK! Like you said, court isn’t really an option; so I would suggest RPA Mediation. That’s how I first learned about the Rental Protection Agency, one of my own renters had filed a complaint against me for a deposit problem… The RPA Agent that contacted me was non-threatening and helped me understand the renters side, although I was in the right to charge what I did; I decided to waive a portion of the fees in order to show the tenants that I truely did care and that I wanted to be fair with them. I’m sure if you file a complaint with the RPA, you will get the best response from management, plus it protects you from future landlord retaliation. By the way, RPA Mediation only cost a flat fee of $35… I think they call it a processing fee. Hope that helps!


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