Rental Basement Cleaning

By Brenda

As a renter, we have called the management, placed several work orders (they promised to clean, before the week is out, but never get around to it), even the tenant and landlord, looked at the area, she promised to clean it up.


The basement area is where the washer, dryer, and storage areas are.  The other tenants have moved out, all three had complaints against the management, because we are older people, we are now just contemplating moving, but for right now this is were we live.  The windows in the basement have not been cleaned and are full of dust, the storage bins some of them contain black mold and white residue from the washer, the drain pipe and water heater is rusted, a crack in the wall was sealed but has green mold on it, the toilet fixtures from the floor above is visible, and there are dead bugs around the storage bins (not as many thrown out).


As a tenant, I told them that I would keep the steps cleaned and the front porch of the building.  I arranged recently for a family friend and his relative to assist in helping to clean on his day off from work which they agreed, but he may have other plans, and also need transportation to get to the complex.  I also tried to work with several independent cleaniners to bid for a cleaning project.  They accepted the bids, but did not contact them.  Prior to this, before the tenants left, I told that the tenant could create a schedule to clean which they refused.  My mother is an ederly lady with a heart problem and lately she has been coughing and I wondered if the fumes and the dead bug decay is in the cause of this problem, pays the rent on time, every month.  I became ill, last month, and thought it was not a good idea to try and clean it by myself. 


What do you think that we should do, or how do you think that this should be handled.  Your assistance would be greatly appreciated in this matter.

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February 7th, 2013 6:32 pm

As a renter who has had a similar problem, I think you should file a complaint. There are serious cleanliness issues here and yes, the black mold may be causing your mother’s illness. Black molds are notorious because they cause respiratory illness, or could complicate those that already exist. You can let a mediator like RPA step in and try to resolve the issue without going to court or informing your local authorities. Your landlord could get into a lot of trouble if you tell the local health department about the problem. But if you don’t mind your landlord getting into trouble, then filing a complaint and telling your local health department would be a GREAT idea! By the way, your landlord is responsible for the cleaning of all the common areas in the complex, not you. You’re being a great tenant that the landlord may be relying on your kindness too much. They might already be abusing you.


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