rental lease agreement with my grandson

By dondi

i own a mobile home at a park, i lease the land when he came here i was told i had to put my grandson on the lease. if i wanted him to live here, which i did, he is 22 years old. he thinks because he is on the rental lease agreement i cant evict him . is he correct?after all i just lease the land the home belongs to me bought and paid for.he pays no rent

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December 4th, 2012 9:36 am

If in your lease it’s not written that you can’t evict him in between the lease, then you have strong point to prove yourself and can evict the grandson., otherwise if it is written in your contract lease that he will stay here till the lease is finished then nothing major can be done, he has all the rights then to stay at your mobile home. Actually you pays the charge for the land and mobile home, so this is for sure your home, but if you want that he be evict from the mobile home, why not take up a help from some good legal aid. Try RPA they have best method to handle this kind of complaint. Good Luck


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