Right to have child toys in yard I pay rent for

By Jennipher

I am a single mother, renting a small home in a very beautiful area in Mishawaka. I was pleased with the price and that the landlord written lease was very simple " Pay $625 on the 1st, landlord will shovel snow and mow lawn maintain yard and shrubbery, No changes to property such as painting or drilling holes without permission, no space heaters except for 3 seasons room, no pets except for two small cats, and remain in good standing with neighbors" Really,that is all that is on the lease. Overtime I have ome to find that his interpretation of this lease and mine are VERY different. Or so it seems. i have directly asked him several times what exactly is his interpretation… and he never directly responds. 

It will be 3 years I have been living here. As I have stated, I LOVE the neighborhood and the only neighbor I have a problem with is my landlord. Yes, he lives right next door. At first, this did cause me a bit of hesitancy. Esp after witnessing him walk right in on the previous (single mother) without even knocking to show me the house. I over looked this, or tried. I can say any noise on the property made me jumpy, afraid he would walk in at any moment. He comes on this property anytime he wants. With no notice. Used my driveway leaving me without a place to park for 3 blocks when i was 8 months pregnant. Put chickel wire and sharp poles around a tomatp garden he planted without asking, used my garage for storage without asking. 
Literally as i was typing this, he had an eviction notice served. I don’t know how he has the right to do this

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