Roach infestation in apartments

By ccavin

I live in a two bedroom townhouse.  The way the complex is set up, four townhouses are joined in a square formation with a small breezeway between another four.  Since moving into our apartment almost three months ago, I have killed twenty-seven roaches.  All of my neighbors complain about the issue as well.  The neighbor diagonal from us has been here for over two years.  She said they have always been a problem and the complex won’t do anything about it.  They came last month and "sprayed".  I put that into quotations because it was the maintenance man, not a professional pest control company, and he was in my house 30 seconds, spraying only the downstairs.  Last week the neighbor accross the breezeway moved out.  The maintenance men sat their appliances out in the breezeway to clean them.  Since then, I have killed over fifteen roaches and in the past two days have seen them coming into my house from the outside. 
I am going to have a face to face with the complex office tomorrow.  If they do not agree to get a professional company out here to get rid of the infestation, I will hire an attorney.  I am a very clean person and have never had roaches in my life.  I am not about to start now!

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July 17th, 2012 11:36 pm

If you want to control the roaches from coming into your house treat the inside of your house with RoachPrufe. Yes, that’s how you spell it, you can find it at Ace Hardware Store, get it and follow the instructions and have Orkin do the outside of your house. Also wrap all food items in plastic bags or put them in the refrigerator and clean up all water sources and tie all trash bags up.

If the roaches are Germany cockroaches move quickly before they step shop. Roachprufe will work in about 3weeks and the roaches will not come back.


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