Room mate problems

By tomcat

My graduate student daughter is rooming in a house with two underage college students, one of which is the daughter of the owner of the house. To get in-state tuition her name is on the deed.  She is making my daughter’s life a living hell with wild partying, lots of drinking, tons of people in and out of the house at all hours, etc. My daughter is concerned about her liability being the only person over drinking age. Also just recently the room mate brought a dog home that barks every time the roomate leaves the house so that my daughter can not study or sleep.  The lease-agreement that my daughter signed had a “no pets” clause.  Would this be grounds for breaking the lease and getting out of this horrible situation???

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Mike Eagan

February 3rd, 2010 2:16 am


Based on your post I’m assuming that you are implying that the “roommate” is the acting landlord due to her name being on the deed? If that is true, then yes, you should have several ways to get out of your lease based on any of the following:
Breach of Quiet Enjoyment
Breach of Unauthorized Pet
Breach due to unsafe or illegal activity
Violation of Implied Agreement
Normally, if a roommate violates the agreement it would not allow for the other roommate to claim a breach of contract, since the contract is with the renter and landlord and not with the roommate. Your daughter should be able to get out of the lease IF she is acting as more than just a lousy roommate.


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