security deposit

By Buffi

I’m trying to get the rest of the security deposit which is 650 I been to social service. Is there any assistance. I’m in md

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security deposit

By James Park

Hi, i lived in an same 1bedroom apartment for 4 years and a half and decided to move out. When i did move out they had charged me for all of my security deposit of $1000 for "carpet clean," "charges for cleaning needed," "damage charges."
I did not have that damages to my reasonable standard of "normal wear and tear." Is there a way to dispute this matter to take my security deposit back?? thank you.

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Security deposit

By tricia

I moved out of my rental house in Indiana on April 1. My landlord deducted over half of it for re painting (the walls were flat white, didn’t paint while there or hang anything up, cleaning up which wasn’t necessary, I only forgot to sweep out the garage and remove some loose items for the trash. The house was spotless. Said he had to replace a ceiling fan which was broken when we moved in. I’ve got pics. can he do that?

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Security Deposit

By jaime

I rented an apartment for 3 months (Feb 1 – April 30) per lease agreements. At times I was able to see the staffs around the vicinity and had always told them that I’m out by April 30. On April 30, I turned over the keys and vacated the apartment, the staff refused and I was told that I should have provided them 60 day notice. They also insist that they send me a renewal letter in March which I made a rejection letter only in May 3. Is it legal that they can take my security deposit?

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May 11th, 2010 2:23 pm

I’d like to add also that the keys was finally accepted in May 3. I already vacated the apartment since April 30 and it is clean and ready for move-in.
There is a provision in the renters agreement that if the landlord sent out a renewal letter and the renter rejected it, it is considered an immediate termination of lease. My question now is, since I only made a rejection letter in May 3 which is after the lease expired, can they take my security deposit or it should be honored a rejection, thus the lease ended per contract. Should this get my security deposit back? Please advice.


May 13th, 2010 3:32 pm

Jaime– I went through this same crap with my landlord.  I found for my deposit and lost.  Its hard to argue with a signed contract.  If it says you must terminate the agreement in writing you gotta do it.  Ethically, they should have known by your verbal acknowledgements, legally they don’t have to.
Yes, they can legally keep your deposit if you terminate your lease agreement. A rejection letter sent after your lease term isn’t going to do much.  I learned the hard way too.


May 13th, 2010 7:37 pm

Are you serious? 

I can’t believe there givn you a line like that.  Just cough up the dough, blasted landlord.  Greed is right!!

Good luck, sounds like you could use some!!


security deposit


ok, gave my 30 day notice on 5/25/10..on 7/1/10 called landlord to inform him that we are all moved out and when is a good time for me to drop off keys…he said the house, looks good and that i did a good job cleaning…i was suprised he already went in house to look….(even though he lives in a house right behind the house i rent from him)..he set up  for me to turn in the keys on 7/2/10..he called me that day to cance and for us to meet the next day….i said ok….the next day i called and canceled (left message to re-sechdule on his cell)……did not recive any return call back…, on 7/3/10 i was going to a family member’s house so, thougt i could just drop off the keys on the way to where i was going….went by the house, had my son go to their door and give them the keys…(and he and his wife knows my son)..the wife answered the door and my son gave he the keys….she asked where i was and that her husband wanted to speak to me but, right then he was in the shower…but did not ask me to call him in a little while nor, did he call me anytime that day….i finally called him on 7/9/10…and then tells me that he never collected a $1400 security deposit…and that on the lease there is not any amt for the security deposit….i told him i had a copy of the cashier check for $1400 that i er e him….he went on to say that there was no amt in the lease so therefore he never collected nor did i give him any $ for security deposit….i told him i would call the bank where i bought the cashiei check and get a copy so to see when, where, who cashed the check….i then called the bank and got all the info….then called him and left a message on his cell that the check was cashed on, and where at and also with an endorsement….he never returned my call….so, when i did call him and he answered….he tells me that, something like ok, ya he did cash the check…but, now says that he will have to deduct for the water bill…we did have a verbal agreement that i would pay half for the water bill…..FYI…..on the property there is 2 houses the one in front we lived in and the house behind ours he lived in….we rented from him for 21 months….he only brought to my attention one time about bill…. we moved in the house in sept. 23 2008 and the one time was in march 2008 he told me that my portion was $74 and i paid him….so, now he is deducting $680 for water bill that he says i owe him….can he do this….he should of charged me each time when the bill came in… normal people, i also pay my bills monthly when they come in..not overtime and pay a grand total for several months….i told him that, why didn’t he say anything all the time we lived there and why now…especially when he lives right behind me….he mumbled somthing, and then said he wants to be fair and work it out……i am very upset that now since he realized that i am a person that saves everything/receipts and everything else, and is a person who can and will call to get info that i need…he now is deducting the water bill… on 7/11/10 morning 9 am he calls me to set up time for me to come and get deposit  so we set for 12 noon………at 11 am i called him and said i would have to cancel and if it was ok or me to go after work about 5 pm and also for him to call be back or leave a message on the amt he has for me …no answer, so i left a message…when i got home about 5:30 i called again, no answer…so i call him on 7/12/10 at 4:30imm  he answers and now says that he is only giving me $720 out of the $1400…..i asked him why…and he says $680 for water bill we go back and forth….he then tells me that he is being nice and fair and is trying to work out thins with me…..that i only owe him for the water bill and that he is not charging me for the carpets……..he now says that the rugs need to be cleaned…i asked him why he did not say anything the first time i spoke to him and also all the times i did speak to him….we just went back and forth….it seems like he is just trying to deduct anything he can come up with….like first no security deposit was collected so he did not owe me anything then the next time i spoke with him it was he needed to deduct for the water bill…..then the next time i speak with him it is, he has to deduct for the carpet…,is this right?  do i have to pay now for the total water bill now, and can he deduct from my security deposit….. or can he give me my security deposit and i can pay him in payments……how is this right for him not to say anything about the bill, but now since we did give 30 day notice and is moved out for him to say something now and want to deduct a large amt from my deposit…also, he keeps mentioning that we were suppose to sign another lease since my lease expired 10/2009…..we never did…it was just talk him bringing up me signing a new lease when i almost gave him a 30 day notice in 10/2010….but he never brought me any new lease for me to sign…what should i do and can he deduct the total for the 21 months we were there now..when he did not say anything  every 2 months when the water bill came in…

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