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By kayla

 Deductions for cleaning can only be made if the cleaning is necessary to return it to the condition in which you got the place. If you leave it as clean as you got it, no deduction for cleaning is allowed, and the landlord has the burden to prove the difference. Even if the landlord spent money “deep cleaning” the place [whatever that means], if you left it clean, no deduction is permitted. The expenses of cleaning must also be reasonable. Generally, a professional cleaning company can clean an empty unit for $200, including shampooing the carpet.


Landlords must inform tenants in writing of their right to a move-out inspection, called an initial inspection in California.


Just received my security deposit from my landlord. We paid $2700 security deposit and $2600 a month for rent. We rented from an individual and not an agent.  Our deductions included house cleaning $280, Carpet Cleaning $140 and a dump run $130.


We left the house as clean as we received it. The carpet had been professionally cleaned before we moved in, does this mean that we must also pay to have carpets professional cleaned. It is old carpet in there that had stains even after it was cleaned but we didn’t leave it unreasonably dirty.


As far as house cleaning, we cleaned the entire place, including dusting base board, window seals and cleaning the over.


Dump run: We left furniture behind but only because they next tenant wanted it and paid us for it. This our landlord knew and we left him a list as well. There was trash bags next to the garbage can because the can was full as well. Our landlord owns the house next door and charged those girls the same amount for the dump run.


He gave us deposit 3 days after the lease ended but did not include receipt, are all of these reasonable charges?

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