stop from having to leave my home by eviction

By terruss713

my husband and I moved into our house 9-8-2008.  The day we moved in paid 6350.00.  I, on 9/16/08 wrote my landlord a letter telling him I do wish to buy.  Verbal response from him that he financed and would get with me on the paperwork that I should continue to pay as agreed, I did.Over the next 9 months items in them home had to be repaired and since we had "bought" the place we were responsible for the upkeep, no problem we replaced hot water hear, sumppump in the basement , had to repalce the stove (even though this was something he said he would replace because it was broken when I moved in.  I also had to replace the garage door oper. In May I received phone call from a stranger who told me she had just bought this house and would honor the original lease/buy contract. I had some problems in June, financial nature)  never did I try to avoid this new person kept trying to get the appraisal and property decription from original, and from the new person.  She promptly raised the payment.  In April we sign up for the NACA home ownership program and still trying to do the step to get the mortgage I had to go to court 7/27/2010 I never spoke to an attorney just her lawyer who presented himself as a "debt collector" I signed an agreement to pay by the 29th of this month what I owe her. Plus $1000.00 by the 4 of August I was only able to send 300.00 sent a letter explaining I would pay the balance the 29th of August.  Today I received an eviction notice we have only 16 hours now and have to leave after investing over the past two years over $29,900.00.  My husband and I both received Social Security Disability we get paid once a month please can someone help me

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