Television OFF by 10:30pm… this legal

By tina

Does a landlord have the right to tell a tenant that she must turn OFF her television by 10:30pm? I have lived in my apartment for over a year and a new tenant recently moved in below me.  The new tenant has knocked on my door complaining about the noise in my apartment.  I was home alone and laying on my couch watching television at a low volume at 11pm.  I lowered it as low as I could and still hear it (I do not have a hearing problem)  Even though I felt that I was not being noisy, I appologized the next time I seen the tenant. Later a complaint was put in to the landlord who inturn called me and told me that my television bothers the tenant downstairs and that I must turn it OFF by 10:30pm. I was not happy about this because I like to watch the 11:00 news and am now being told that I cannot in my own apartment.  On the first night I turned off my televison and all I could hear (since my apartment was silent) was the other tenants televisions, including the apartment of the tenant that complained.  Her boyfriend sits in the living room and watches television into the wee hours of the morning and yet I am being asked to turn my television off.  Is this even legal?  I feel as though I am being asked to change my entire routine. I feel as though I have the right to watch and listen to television until midnight if I choose.

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