Tenant revenge!!


Revenge of the Renter!

Finally I got my landlord to face the music!   First of all, I’m a good renter.  I pay on-time, I’m friendly, and very particular about cleanliness.  So after moving out of my rental complex I expected to get my full $350 rent deposit back, but low and behold this big management company thought they could get away with keeping it.

$75 General Cleaning
$50 Drip Pans (Oven)
$85 Carpet Cleaning
$200 Painting

TOTAL:  $410  ($350 Deposit)  (I owed $60)

What in the world!  After spending hours and hours of cleaning my apartment, I was furious to find my complex charging me for stupid stuff.  So instead of getting a refund, they were charging me!  Can you believe that crap?!

I immediately contacted my apartment manager to see if a mistake was made.  She told me that no mistake was made and that I needed to pay the $60 right away or it would be sent to collections.  I was mad!!!  Jerks!  So I worte a letter disputing the charges, and of course no response.  I kept calling, but no one would talk to me.

Now I’m a nice guy, but I won’t let some property management company walk all over me.  Although, I was mad about not getting my money, I was more pissed about the whole principal of the thing.  I decided to file a complaint with the RPA.  The investigator assigned to my case was awesome!!!  He immediately contacted the management office, then within a week of filing the complaint I had a refund check for $265.  TAKE THAT BIG MANAGEMENT, :)

So what happened;

The RPA Agent was able to get all of the fees waived except for the “Drip Pan” fee of $50.  But to be honest, I never thought to clean the drip pan, the oven was immaculate, but I didn’t even think about those drip pans.


I got my money, and now management has a negative record on their history report.  They should’ve worked with me in the first place.  By the way; management agreed to waive all fees if I would have the RPA remove the complaint from their record…  That’s right, I ate the $50 Drip Pan fee just so the record would stay on their file.  That’s revenge!  No-one messes with me!

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