tenants above me are noisy!

By Michelle

i just moved to Texas in Feb. i live in an apartment Complex. the people that live above me are the most ignorant loudest people ive ever lived with. they make noise on purpose. i told the Office Manager. she tells me that he "known" for doin this. he drove the other tenants before me out! she’ll take care of it.. Well she said something an the noise got worse. so again i said something. Her response. Maybe they just dont like you! an seemed a little aggravated cause i said something again. well yesterday. the other manager came by cause of a music complaint from my apartment.. hahaha it was my surround sound. i had 2 turn it up cause you cant hear the tv cause of the noise upstairs. but yet im suppose to comply? im leaving here anyways cause the noise is just 2 much to handle. i just dont no what else to do bout the office managers. how can they turn and say all that an get away with it? an not handle my complaint? i so understand every day noise dont get me wrong but the family will purposely bang on the floor and run blare there music. stomp around 1230am. but yet nothing is done… im fed up!

Edited on: Wednesday, July 18th, 2012 8:22 am

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