Unlawful Leasing Violation?

By Tiffanie

I am having a problem with the extremely noisy tenant who lives above me. I have called the cops on him a couple of times for noise disturbances. Nothing unreasonable – 1 am, 4am. But yet, I get a leasing violation stating that I am calling the cops too much and that I am creating unrealistic living conditions for the guy above me. How can someone give me a leasing violation for using my civil rights? He is the one that is causing the noise. I have written logs and I have also started a video log. I probably have 20 hours of him and all of the noise that he makes. He slams all of the doors in the middle of the night. He slams stuff against the wall at all hours. He drags his dining room chairs all over the floor because he knows that it is really loud in my house. He continuously drops really heavy things on the bedroom floor at all hours. He loves to get up and drop and slam things in the middle of the night to wake me up. He sets his alarm to go off several times before he even gets up and then he sets to alarm to go off while he is in the shower because he knows that I can hear it and that it wakes me up. I do not get to go to bed when I want because of him and I never get to sleep past his alarms going off in the morning. This is causing unrealistic living conditions for me. And then to top it off, the leasing office told me that they think I need to move and since I am a good tenant, she would give me a good letter of reference. What can I do? Is it legal for them to give me a violation for calling the cops in the middle of the night?

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