what should i do?

By Dee

I’ve told my landlord twice about having a problem with mold in my home…he says there’s nothing they can do about it…But what can i do about it?

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what should i do

By wes

I moved in and fixed siding with extra siding outback of house fixed all the holes in process realized rain was getting behind it from a dry rotted window could not put plastic over windows to much wind blowing through land lord will not change…  And also hot water really milky looking and making loud pops and cracks after being used told them of problem and if they fixed it i would rent a water softner to take care of problem will not change…..  there were live electrical wires coming through floor taped off i turned breaker to them off… i installed new outside light and wall lights in two rooms cause there was not lighting in those rooms and to top it off my neighbors and i are on a well for water supply i turn pump off in my house they have no water which means i am paying for their water usage oh and electrical wires under house wire nutted together and no box…  I think that sums up most of it so what should i do???

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My response: (We welcome stories, examples, explanations, answers and a touch of your personality)


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