Why landlords do not rent to pet owners?


Sometimes it is very easy for a tenant to get angry to a landlord who refuses their rental unit because of pets. To pet owners they treat their pets not just as animals but as a part of their family as well. They feel discriminated if the landlord will not allow their pet to live with them. But if you put yourself in the landlord’s shoes, you would know that it will only take one irresponsible tenant who has pets to turn them off.

You can not necessarily call a landlord who refuses pets in their apartments as pet haters. Maybe the reason behind them refusing pets is because they had experienced renting their apartment to pet owners before and it did not went good and they do not want that experience to happen again.

Here is a list of the reasons why a landlord refuses his apartment to pet owners:

  • Noise problems. Pets like dogs and cats that constantly make noise like barking or meowing can become a very huge problem to apartment building or condos that have a lot of tenants. Noise complaints from other tenants can cause headaches to the property manager or landlord.
  • Damages. When it comes to repairing the damages caused by the tenant’s pet, it is sometimes too expensive that the security deposit is not enough to pay for the repairs.
  • Community Concerns. When living in a neighbourhood, tenants are expected to respect their neighbours and the entire community as well. If the tenant’s pet wander around causing havoc to other tenant’s household causes a complaint to the landlord. Once again the landlord would have to deal with the issue.

You see now why landlords are reluctant to let pet owners rent their property? That does not necessarily mean that they do not like pets but because they are only protecting their investment and make sure that it is properly taken care of.

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