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We rented a home in Colorado for a year.  We signed a one year lease and did not do a room by room inspection.  The landlords are withholding $750.00 from our deposit.  They claim we left the house not in the condition in which they rented it to us.  However, during the walk through, one of the landlords said they were hiring a cleaning crew to clean the oven and blinds in which I did not clean.  I agreed and got a bill for from the cleaning crew of $400.00.  The first letter by the landloards stated many items in which were not done properly.  However, my husband was there cleaning it while they were there working and did not state anything that needed to be done.  We sent a certified letter stating things that were under question and we did not agree with.  The second email they sent had other items not addressed in the first letter.  I feel like we are being taken advantage of.  We had issues while we rented the home.  The basement leaked a large amount of water and mold began to grow for two months.  The mold grew on the concrete walls and wood frames.  The landlords never took care of the issue for several months.  The upstairs bathroom was covered with mold spots.  The basement bathroom had a huge water bubble popping out of the wall.  They came once to take care of the basement and it continued to do it again.  I feel that they are wrongfully withholding our deposit and I don’t want another family to live through what we did.  My daughter and I are allergic to mold, have allergies, and asthma.  We had health issues throughout living in this home.  Plese let us know what we can do.  We no longer live there and it is rented out to someone else.  I contacted the health department and tried to reach a conslusion with the landloards but they will not return a large portion of the deposit.  Please help.

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Landlord GURU

November 11th, 2009 9:02 am

This sounds familiar to another post I just responded to… If you feel that the charges to your deposit are for “Normal Wear and Tear” and not for damages BEYOND “Normal Wear and Tear,” then its probably time to get legal help. For this an attorney would be way too expensive, so I would suggest that you file an official landlord complaint through the RPA. The fees are very reasonable, and if nothing else you will have a real Rent Deposit Expert look over the charges to confirm or dispute the charges to your deposit. The RPA uses a process of Mediation and the best part is that the results are attached to a public record, so if your landlord fails to be reasonable, future prospective tenants will know. The fee is $35 to file, here’s the link: File Landlord Complaint


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