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My landlord is very abusive. She oversteps her bounds, told me I wouldn’t be a single mom if I had been a good wife and mother, said I need to learn to dicsipline my kids (after they accidentally knocked something over in their living room). Accused me of lying since my daughter bragged about me. She has yelled, screamed, put her finger less than an inch from my face, put her face right in my face, yelled at me to get out of her home in 30 days. When I told her she couldn’t do that since there was still another month left on the lease after that, she yelled "I can do anything I want! I own that house!!". She told the head of my church that I’m a nuisance and yelled and screamed at her then sped off while she was still holding onto my van (I said, have a good day and pulled away from the curb… I had my kids in my car with me!). She also told him that my home is in terrible shape! Umm, no, she hasn’t been in the home in about 4 months. Not to mention the fact that the only damage is from not having a doorstop and I can tell you from looking at it that the knob has gone through the wall before, and things improperly fitted and installed. She told me that if my downstairs neighbors don’t like me she will evict me. Well, the downstairs neighbors like NO ONE. They want this apartment empty. So, because of the fact that I can’t afford a better place I have to put up with an abusive landlord. I know they have treated past tenants like this too. She speaks nothing but ill of the people here last (said they were filthy and every time she came in there were dishes drying on the counter.) A friend of mine who lived here about 15 years ago described her as ‘horrid’ and said that she treated her the same way. There are things that she’s accused me of in damaging the apartment. The blinds were not properly hung and fall down when I try to raise them, open them, touch them, so the ones in question are either down or stay all the way up. a few of the screens don’t fit and she said that it’s from my kids pushing them out. There is one screen that is damaged from falling out, but I don’t know how I can prove it’s because it fell in the bush down below. That’s the only one that fell out enough for me to leave it out. Another one keeps coming out on the corner… I have to push it back in at least once a week. Another has fallen out 2 or 3 times in the time we’ve been here. That one is too high for my kids to reach it both inside and outside.

She didn’t provide a fridge stating that she’s not going to put an expensive appliance in when she knows the tenants are only going to mess it up. There’s no air, not even a swamp cooler, and this apartment is uninhabitable between 2 and 6 pm due to heat. She said that if I want it to be cooler I can either buy a window swamp cooler or put fans in the windows. I have fans all over the place and it doesn’t cool the place down.

Honestly, I’m scared to confront her about anything! She has a warped sense of self and believes that she is in complete control of the people living here… Even their personal lives and how they raise their kids! There have been times I’ve been scared she would slap me when she would yell at me! My problem? I have no where else to move. I have no current income due to a pre-existing condition leading to injury on the job. My lease is up at the end of the month… I haven’t received a 30 day notice… I’m not sure if I’m supposed to get one even at the end of the lease or if it is just assumed that we are moving out the end of the month.

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September 5th, 2010 11:24 pm

You know what in all honesty she doesn’t have the right to do that to you, I’m not a lawyer or anything, but I would defiantly call my local City Hall and find out if there is anyone you can talk to about breaking your lease early. I had a friend that a very similar issue and he had just moved into his apartment not even three months ago, he broke his lease and found something else, and when the landlord took him to court he told the judge that he felt he needed to move away from the apartment to resolve he issue he was having with the landlord, and the judge actually only made him pay the rent of the month he moved and that was it, he didnt have pay anything back and in fact the landlord had to give him back his security deposit too. Check out either City Hall or even call a Judge and see what they can tell you what to do, and if I was you I would defiantly file a complaint about her, that is unnecessary to act that way towards people.


May 8th, 2012 5:55 pm

I moved out of my apartment due to an injury, while I kept my rental managers appraised of the information. One of them who happens to be one of the owners wife kept coming to my apartment whispering to me and looking around to see if anyone was there, she told me “No one would help me” “I have until the end of the month to move”. She did this one three or more occasions, she left nasty messages on my voice mail telling me that I need to pay my rent first ! the last time I talked to her, after talking to a lawyer, I stated that I did in fact talk to a lawyer and she left me alone,.. it was comical to see her running down the hallway and the next step is to talk to the other manager and explain why others in the complex are moving,… her. She has told me of other residents problems ( as she would call them) and also that his is bipolar and she is on medication. This woman should not have contact with the general public.


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