Application Deposit

By Renee F

I recently relocated to Charlotte, NC. One of the many complexes I looked at charged a $200 application deposit (aka administrative fee) and a $75.00 application fee.  I was advised that the $200 application deposit/administrative fee was to hold the apartment while my application was being processed. The "Contemplated Lease Contract Information" form clearly states that the "application deposit" is refundable if your application is denied, or if you withdraw from your application before approval or if you withdraw your application after approval.  I really wanted this apartment so I had no problem paying that fee.  I was in a very big time crunch to get a place as the moving truck was on its way here and I told the manager that I would need the place immediately or by Thursday morning (it was Tuesday morning).

HOWEVER, I received a call from a leasing agent Tuesday afternoon (close to 3:30/4 pm) asking me if I had more income. I informed her that I did not. She told me I needed more income or a co-signor (who would have to complete an application and pay a $75.00 non-refundable application fee).  That conversation, implied to me that I was denied.  However, the complex is telling me that I was NOT denied.  I was NOT approved either.  They are saying that they never completed my application process.  Needless to say, they are keeping my $200 in spite of what the contract states.  I argued this point with them repeatedly on Wednesday to no avail. I finally had to sign a lease elsewhere.  I got a call from the leasing manager of that place informing me that she received authorization to apply the $200 to my security deposit.  How?  I wasn’t approved or denied!  I told her I had to get an apartment and I already signed a lease somewhere else and she said she was disappointed that I didn’t allow them the opportunity to work with me!!  

Here is my dilemma.  They will not return my $200.00.  I don’t know how they can justify keeping it. I’ve tried contacting their corporate office but all I get is voicemail.  I don’t know what else to do.  Someone has to have advice for me!  Thanking everyone in advance!!



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