Bat Bugs

By Rachael

I have bat bugs in my apartment.  They are extremely similar to bed bugs, but with a few differences.  Anyway, since I moved in, July 2011, I have had this problem.  I didn’t think anything of it because they had "went away" during the winter.  However, this summer they became extremely bad.  I have been paying rent for a 2 bedroom apartment, yet for the last month I have been using my bedroom as a storage unit and have been sleeping in my spare bedroom.  They have infiltrated that room as well now, so I have been sleeping in my living roomon the floor.  So, I’m paying $820/month for a studio apartment plus two storage units.  They are doing something about it.  At first, they thought it was bed bugs, so they did one treatment for that.  Then, the company went out of business, so another treatment was never completed.  Then, they had another company come in with a dog to sniff out the bed bugs, but it never alerted the trainer.  He took a closer look and said that they could be bat bugs.  This was in early August.  It took them a couple of weeks to finally get back to me and say that they are in fact bat bugs, not bed bugs.  They finally scheduled the treatment for September 24th.  I’m a full-time student, plus I work.  I have been dealing with this for so long and have put money towards laundry (i have to pay for it at the apartment complex), not to mention, the hours that have been spent cleaning.  Plus, I’m having neck issues because I haven’t been using the pillows in my bedroom as I am scared that there are bat bugs in them or something. 

Do I have a right to ask for financial compensation for this?  If so, for what and how much?  Should I just vacate the apartment?  What should I do????????

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