Bed Bugs; No action taken

By Tyler Allread

On the 18th of September I filed a complaint through the RPA website, about my unit having bed bugs. They’ve been here the entire time I’ve lived here, but originally I had them confused with ticks, since only spotting them a couple times on our walls. I’ve gotten bit every night since living here, but have passed the bites off as mosquito bites and maybe the occassional spider bite. I never TRULY thought they were bed bugs until I started doing more research after one of my neighbors said MY UNIT was infested before I moved in. She was telling me how 10 to 11 people had lived in my unit before I was there. I’ve got an 800 sq ft. 1 bedroom. 

After finding them in my boxsprings I have killed a total of 12. I’ve thrown most of my things out and have plastic wrapped my mattress, which seems to be working so far. I am vaccuuming every othe day and am beyond uncomfortable in my own home at this point. 
My question is, today is the deadline for my landlord to give a response on the complaint I have filed through RPA. If they do not reply, what is my next step? I live in California, and actually found another renter’s RPA complaint file online for my same exact complex!! The landlord did not fix the issue. All I’m asking for them to do is exterminate the issue of my unit and surrounding units. Why would they want to harbour bed bugs in their complex? I’m obvioiusly not the first person to have an issue at this place. 
If my landlord doesn’t do anything about this issue, do I have the right to break my lease free of charge? I still have 7 more months on my lease until it ends. Why should I have to pay for having an infested apartment that the complex is neglecting to take care of? I may be jumping ahead, and they may resolve this today, as today is the due date for their response, but if they don’t I would like to have a plan.

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