Brown Recluse

By Christina

I moved into my apartment in May 2010 and signed a year lease.  A couple weeks after moving in I noticed many spiders (mainly in the shower and bedrooms) and contacted the manager.  She then had them spray the entire building a few days later.  A couple weeks after they had sprayed I saw some more spiders that looked exactly the same as the ones before.  I called her and told her they were either house spiders or brown recluse, and she said she would have them spray again.  They never sprayed again.  I have sprayed twice with products I have purchased, and the spiders were gone for awhile after I sprayed.  Then when I returned home from my vacation after being gone only 9 days, there were spiders everywhere!  They were in my bed, more than 4 in the shower, some on the ceiling!  I had to stay in a hotel.  Right now I am staying at my sisters and have to drive 30 minutes to work everyday.  I have asked to be able to move out because the spiders are dangerous and I am not staying in my apartment.  The landlord was very rude and doesn’t even believe I have the spiders.  I have pictures to prove it and have caught one and had it looked at by the biology professor of Kansas Wesleyan University!  What can I do?  I neeeeeed to get out of here!

Thank you,

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November 3rd, 2010 6:04 pm

I would definitely file a complaint and try to get out of there ASAP.


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