Bug Infestation in a clean house after 2 months??

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Several months ago several girlfriends and I moved into a house that was listed as "As Is." The landlord had left curtains (with some kind of larvae bug on them) which we washed, but he didn’t clean any of the carpets, the kitchen, anything. The carpets were soiled and we stated that on the lease. And there were bugs in the kitchen, which we also cleaned. We didn’t see the bugs after we washed the curtains, so we thought nothing more of it. He also left rubbish in the garage, baby items, bags, old paint, etc, and things in the rafters of the garage, he never said we could throw it away so it’s been there every since.

2 months after moving in, we had a huge infestation of a Carpet Beetle (which was actually the larvae on the curtains.) They came in (we’re assuming) through the windows and doors, since that’s where they were located. We keep the house very clean, vacuuming and cleaning weekly, so we were very concerned that we suddenly had all of these bugs. I have an indoor cat that was there maybe 2 weeks, but none of my research on these bugs says that they catch rides on animals. He also failed to mention to us that he would spray the inside and outside of the house monthly to keep pests out. So we hadn’t been doing that. He’s had Orkin come and spray twice, and still we have bugs. They have now traveled into our closets and on to the furniture, which is now damaging my belongings. Is is reasonable to say the house is "uninhabitable" if our belongings are being ruined by a pest that was already there (but we didn’t take pictures of)?

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