Conflict on bed bug treatment cost.

By Amit kamboj

Hi ,

Need some help.

We have been staying in one apartment in Sunnyvale for almost 3 1/2 years.
We did not face any issues. From last few months we observed that my son
( who is around 2 1/2 years old ) used to get some red patches on his body.
We thought he is having some allergy. One day we observed bed bug inside the
apartment. Seeing that we told to apartment’s rental manager. They talked to
pest control(CLARKS ) and they gave one flyer mentioning pre treatment tasks
we need to do. We did and one day they did the HEAT treatment. After few days we
saw 1 bed bug on curtain seeing that we killed it. Then we went to rental
manager and told about it. They said CLARKS will come to inspect again.
CLARKS told when you see it try to put in some zip lock kind of thing to show
them. After that we did not see any bed bug so far. But after seeing it we
threw our couch/mattress/spring boxes ( not bed as we don’t have one :)   )

We decided to rent a new apartment in another community. We gave notice
to vacate our current apartment community. Seeing that rental manager told you need
to pay for the bed bug removal and property manager from management company
( who manage our current community ) will send the bill. We got the bill for
$1774.00 and they are asking us to pay asap. We were not told that cost is
this much ?  We were not told if we need to pay.

I am not really sure about the bed bug treatment cost.

We came to know that bed bugs have been in other units of the apartment
Also before where treatment was done. May be these came into our unit from those
affected units in past.

Once our rental manager told that their managing company has good lawyers.

Can you please suggest what should I do in this case?

Name:              Amit Kamboj
City     :                        Sunnyvale,      CA  94086


Edited on: Wednesday, October 19th, 2011 4:31 pm

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