Entering without notice

By Ms Gregory

Hello everyone. Here in GA there has been a lot of rain this summer. There was a leak in my ceiling and I sent pictures to my landlord on July 8 asking for him to fix the leak. I hadn’t heard anything from him until July 22 when I called and asked is somebody coming out. He said he would have someone there the next day (July 23). Well on July 23 he said someone would be there July 24. He finally had someone come out on the July 24th to fix the leak but not the hole. The hole was in my 5 year old room and I wasn’t sure with all the rain if mold had formed. On August 5 I sent a message asking when would it be fixed and its not until the 15th when he responded that someone was on the way and his guy would let him in just to look at the hole(no prior notice). He said his guy would be there on the 16 to fix it and when I got home it still wasn’t fixed. I sent him a message asking when was it getting fixed bc my son is sick and I don’t want that to be the cause of anything. He said if I wanted to move I can bc he’ll release me, said it wasn’t that bad, just a bunch of unprofessional things a landlord shouldn’t be saying. I found out he is still going in and out of the apt and letting other people in without my permission or knowledge. I am SOOOOO frustrated at this point I don’t know what to do. I can not just up and leave bc I haven’t considered moving but this is changing my mind The hole in the ceiling wasn’t fixed until August 19th. Its against the law to enter without either permission or a 24 hour notice…  what to do next. Does the complaint really help????

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