Is a broken gas pipe in a fireplace safe?

By renting_sucks101

Hello everyone, so my family and I just moved into a house 2-3 weeks ago. We signed the contract before doing a walk-through (biggest mistake ever…we were moving from out of state and desperate for a place). The day we moved in, the house was horribly dirty…roach feces everywhere with 2 dead roaches in the bathroom. It took them 5 days to install a carbon monoxide detector, the ceiling fan and light in the dining room doesn’t work, shingles are missing on our covered patio (exposing ceiling fan wire to natural elements), and many other issues. Most of these were noted on the inspection sheet. However, after moving in…our landlord told us that the fireplace has a broken gas pipe. They left the key in the ignition (I have a 3 year old that could’ve turned it on) and it hasn’t been cleaned in 11 years…kind of funny considering they used the fireplace as a selling point for the house. And also, none of the electrical outlets in the bathrooms work…I can’t blow-dry my hair or anything like that. I feel that we are paying way too much money for a house that’s broken. We sent a certified letter to the property management demanding a shorter lease or lower rent because we do not feel safe here with the electrical issues and broken gas pipe. They responded by email and told us they would notify the landlords for a roach spray and chimney sweeping. No mention of our demands, electrical issues, broken gas pipe…NOTHING. So what is the next step?? I have called every attorney…fair housing…chamber of commerce…health and safety department. I’m leaving messages constantly with these people and it seems like noone can help us. This is not right at all.

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August 14th, 2013 7:49 pm

I understand that because you were in a hurry to rent the place that you did not made a thorough walk-through. Did you inform your landlord about these problems? If you did and your landlord did not do anything to give you resolution to your concern then you can file a complaint against your landlord with the RPA. Here is the link to the RPA’s complaint center


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