Management Privacy Breach

By annon

To whom it may concern,

I have been a tenant of this ‘resort apartment’ property since March 2008. A breech in my privacy has occurred due to the ineptness of your management staff and has prompted me to write to you. This past Friday, September 4th, I had returned home from work only to find three strangers in my apartment. My furniture and personal items had been moved and they were cleaning my unit without my prior knowledge. When asked so see the work order, it had mistakenly listed my unit as vacant and to be cleaned. I understand that mistakes do happen, but it should have been clear to the staff that this apartment was not vacant once they entered!  My dog was in the apartment at the time and, though no harm had been done, the possibility of him running out or biting one of the workers was high. I had valuable jewelry, cash and my credit card bills out in the open. I don’t know if I need to cancel my credit cards, or if my identity has been compromised.  I cannot tell you how violated I felt to have these strangers in my apartment without my knowledge.

What are my rights?  The manager called and apologized, and offered me a $100 visa giftcard for my trouble.  That made me feel so crappy.  Like they were trying to make me go away.
What do you suggest?

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One Response to “Management Privacy Breach”

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September 10th, 2009 10:25 pm

Dear “Cleaned Out”
I can imagine how upset you are… the good news is that you got someone to do some free cleaning for you… but joking aside, this is a serious issue. Technically, your landlord did allow access to your rental without the proper notice as required by your state laws… In california the landlord must provide at least a 24 hour notice prior to entering your unit– due to neglect or ineptness management allowed a company to access your unit illegally.
So now what?
If you feel there is a possible threat to your identity or theft of Credit Card numbers, I would suggest you contact your credit card companies in order to have new cards issued. You may even get management to agree to pay for the cost of credit monitoring program for a year or so. Have your renters rights been violated, yes. Is it a big enough deal to make a big case out of it, maybe. You could always sue, or file a complaint through the RPA. The simple answer to this– get an alarm.


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