My neighbor is harrassing me wiht noise complaints

By dulce74


I live in a 2nd floor. apt. I have twin baby boys.  They’re one yr. old and a 4 yr. old boy.  My twins are not walking yet so they crawl around to get around the apartment.  I got a noise complaints from my downstairs neighbor that to much noise is coming from my apartment . In fact when  it’s just my kids crawling or just my husband and I walking, he would bang on our floor very loudly.  This has happened either early in the morning or early in the evening.  He complained to the building manager that we are creating noise pollution and even he called the cops at our apartment twice.  When the cops arrived at my apartment, they did not find any violation of rules and realized that its just my kids are crawling.

He lied to the building members  that I let my kids run around as late as 1 o’ clock in the morning and even told my husband over phone that I  dont take care of my kids because of watching TV at day time.  I know this because I was on the other line listening to the conversation.  At one point through this phone conversation. In the middle of conversation my husband asked him whether he is able to listen the same noise at that moment or not and I got surprised  he said yes.  I wanted to mention here that at the same time my children were sleeping .  He lied so much on his complaints, and now I just received a summons to go to court because he filed a complain through the court.

I’d like to know what my rights are how to protect me and my family and what to expect when I go to court.  This is the first time this has happened to me and I can’t do anything to make my children go for noise reduction and  living in the apartment.  The landlord offered him to move to the 5th floor and he refused.  He has been a harasser since the day I moved to this apartment.  He came up on the day after I moved here and threaten me to have me evicted if I make too much noise.

I’m moving out in a month, but I just want him to leave us alone until I’m ready to leave.  Please help and let me know what do you recommend to do.


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April 26th, 2012 1:10 am

Me and my family just upgraded from a small two bed to a larger two bedroom because of a rodent issuein the previous apt.
Be in mind our apartments are very nice but we did have a problem not by our cause but by our neighbors so we upgraded moved further from the ditch/bayou behind the complex and decided to move a floor up but making that decision was not hard since only upstairs were available for the floorplan we wanted. A few days of moving in and still unpacking or downstairs neighbor complained about the kids to a maintenance worker.
ill give them that one given I have a 5 yr old and almost 2 yr old who share a room. Well that day my 5 yr old fighting his sleep woke up my 2 yr old.
I then without thought got them up let them play till 11 pm until I was told of the compliant by the maintenance man
I then got them to bed …with a struggle because I did not want to be rude.
so I decided that during the day they could play in their room which is the master because we wanted them to have a play space and not be in a tiny box….which the master is over our downstairs neighbors room. Anyhow during day in their room at night in the living room until they are ready for bed so they don’t disturb her as much as possible. …didn’t work because
Even the slightest noise pisses her off and she bangs on the wall. This has happened almost everynight and we’ve been here for maybe 3 weeks now.
one day she even came to my apartment but I was in my room and didn’t know. My 5 yr old who was scowled after this answered the door and she left. Then she came back 2 hours later at about 8:30 I was given my 2 yr old a bath and my son said he heard someone knock and it was her again. He looked out the window but didn’t answer. We were not being loud and I try to keep the noise down but like her we pay to live in our apt not be non existing. Because I have a 5 yr old and 2 yr old they cry run. Fall play and fight sleeping can try to make it better but I cannot stop a kid from being a kid. My neighbor downstairs has a teenage son and what seems to be a small child about 2 as well and would think she understand but she just doesn’t and has herself been more of a problem than I believe my children have because they are kids. She is an adult banging on the wall where my children sleep. We have not been to the office to infirm them yet due to trying to resolve the issue with being quiet but enough is enough.
we pay good money to live in our apt and make it a home and to give my children a bigger room fit for kids to gave a rude wroman make problems.
We don’t party and we aren’t excessively loud other than walking /disposal and kids.

-to the point you are not in the wrong and the situation will be remedied.
Document everything and get police reports .


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