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    My family and I have recently moved back to Florida and have rented an apartment in what we thought was a very nice complex. We moved in in June and it is now November.. We had two previous downstairs neighbors who never had a complaint. However last month we got a new neighbor. This man and his family have noise complaints against us. Granted we are a family of 8. We have four teenagers ages 19, 17, 16, and 14 a toddler ( 22 months old) and a newborn ( 4 months old).  Our toddler is slightly overactive and is difficult some nights to put to bed. The first incident happened within a few days of this family moving in. Our son dropped his bottle on the floor and it resulted in a very loud banging on our floor. The banging was loud enough to frighten our newborn and toddler into a fit. The next day the man stops my husband and son outside our building and is very rude and tells them we need to get a “grip” on our child that he should not create any noise pollution anytime he wants. The neighbor stated that this is because he is running a business out of his apartment. My husband politely tried to explain that our son was only a small child and incapable of understanding.  One night my husband and older children took out the trash and my toddler, infant and i were left in the apartment and a few minutes after they left there was an extremely loud beating on the floor. My infant son was in his car seat across the room and was startled so badly he cried for three hours after the incident, not to mention the toddler who was on his way to the bathroom with me, he was so frightened he jumped into my arms and refused to get down for over an hour. Afterwards we spent half the night trying to calm them and get them comforted enough to sleep. The knocking sometimes starts at 1 in the afternoon and will happen anytime there is noise, even if the noise is in the stairwell outside of the apartments.  Skipping forward to this past weekend, there were policemen knocking on doors of our building at 1:30 in the morning, stating that they had a domestic complaint and it was unclear where or why, except it was coming from one of two buildings the address was mixed up during the call and now this morning we have received a notice from property management that they have received a noise complaint. The only noise that could possibly be heard from outside this apartment is our 22 month old son. Our older children are not permitted to play loud music or anything else ( they know the rules and are very good about abiding by them). Clearly we are at a loss because there is no way to make a toddler understand about noise control,  which brings me to my question, what are we to do? We can not afford to be evicted and do not know how to please this neighbor as they obviously have an issue with our toddler.

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