problem with landlord repair

By denver renter

I am a renter and my house is in foreclosure so I pay rent to a receivership who acts as my landlord and has taken over the lease. He will not repair a broken dishwasher and says this is my responsibility although I find no such thing in my lease except in cases of negligence for renter to be responsible for repairs. Please advice

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July 13th, 2010 9:03 am

Dishwasher repair is almost always the responsibility of your landlord. You can make a landlord complaint or work it out with him directly. I don’t image the repair of your dishwasher costing very much… so you may just want to get a quote from a appliance repair company before you fight with your landlord. If you’re more worried about the principal of the whole thing, then do what you feel you need to. I don’t blame you.

Your landlord should repair the dishwasher at his cost! Unless you damaged it, or if it was excluded from the lease somehow.

Problem with Landlord Repair

By Connie

My landlord likes to fix things. The problem is – he has no idea what he is going. I have a door he put in an enclosed porch and it is just sitting there – in the frame with shims to keep if from falling in and out. He "fixed" the hot water heater but he had the water line coming into the exhaust vent. When the AC was flooding the living room he said, "That’s normal". Each time I have had to hire someone to fix his "repairs". So I am hesitant to let him know, again, that the sliding glass door needs to be replaced. It was installed in the 1950’s – no longer has rollers and has slowly over time filed the metal down. The glass is just barely held in place by one screw. He told me to just add a little WD-40. I want to just go ahead and replace it. I don’t even want to deduct it from the rent because it is more of a hassle if I do that.

I also want to remove the carpets and put in tile. I want to just do it because it is just such a hassle to discuss and and then they want to come in and do it – I forgot the paint job he did in the bathroom is peeling. Anything he touches is just a nightmare and he thinks he is this expert repair guy (NOT).

I don’t want to move because frankly this has been my experience every time I rent except for an apartment. I also have a 1/2 acre property with horses, chickens, dogs, cats, etc. So it would be a huge hassle to move. I lived at my last rental home for 16 years and would like to be here that long, but I do need it to be comfortable.

The landlord also requires all payments to be cash only because they don’t want to claim the income on their taxes.

My question is:

1) Can I just go ahead and replace the sliding door?

2) Can I just go ahead and replace the carept with tile?


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problem with landlord repair

By sierra

Today, we get home at 3:30pm. The power was shut off  we called our local power company they sent an a guy out to take a look. I called our real estate management, and told them what was going on.they said th they’d send someone who works for them out. Well at 4:20 the power company man showed up and checked the power box.nothing.the power meter was getting power but it wasn’t bring sent to the house. He said the wire ran under the ground would have to be dug up and replaced. We called our management place informed them on what the election said, and they said that their guy was on the way. At 4 we called them back and she was extremely rude. We asked her what we were going to do tonight and she said I could go to my parents house or  get a hotel room. We told her we couldn’t afford a hotel. She was extremely rude when we called. She wouldn’t let us speak. We pay 900 a month we have a 5 month old son. 

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January 29th, 2013 1:02 am

Are you on a lease? Can you check if there are items there saying that a temporary housing will be provided in case of repairs? If so, then you have the right to ask your landlord to pay for temporary housing. But if there aren’t then you cannot force your landlord to provide you with a shelter while the electricity is being repaired. I know the latter option is very difficult since you have a child but is there anyway for you to stay with family or friends instead? Also, just to give you a head’s up – the lender should be the one to cover the charges for repair. However, if the repair is taking too long and it has been deemed that the place is unfit for living, then you may have the option of not paying rent or pro-rating your rent. You can talk to your lender about this possibility and see if you can come up with an agreement. If not, then you can try and file a complaint to get the help yu need. FYI, RPA has a complaint center that you can use. With regard to the lady that you spoke with, I think it’s best if you inform your landlord about her behavior.

Problem with Landlord Repair..

By edwradp

I contacted my landlord about mold in master bathroom back in august 20, 2013 and didnt show up til 6 days later, after mentioning i will be hiring and mold inspector to asses the damage. he started doing the job himself and i have a feeling that his not an expert on mold and wasnt happy of him doing the job. he started tearing down just the affected area. i finally got fed up and complaint to code enforcement. so landlord finally called the experts to asses the mold and it turns out its in half of the bathroom wall that was affected. now mold is gone and now its time for landlord to put bathroom back together. it is now nov 2 and still not done no shower and no toilet and also debris all over the master bedroom so we havent used our master bedroom and bath. they keep telling me that a contractor is coming to finish the job or a contractor is coming on certain days and noone will show up! usually landlord will contact me that so and so is coming to work on bathroom when rent is almost due. now what are my options? can anyone help me and what steps i should do?

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Problem with Landlord Repair

By Ellyn

I moved in on 05.31.2013 & completed the check list.  Nothing on check list has been repaird & I complete maintainence forms weekly. Ceiling over toilet burst open during the night & leaks on my head. Getting the run around on it being repaired today and/or within 24 hours.  New to San Antonio & not certain of options available to me in getting this repaired.  HELP….THANKS!

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August 16th, 2013 6:01 pm

Hi Ellyn! Sorry to hear about your problem on repairs. It is your landlord’s responsibility to do repairs on the rental unit to make sure that You as a tenant have a habitable place to live in. Since your landlord failed to do his responsibility then it is time you file a complaint against him with the RPA. Here is the link you can use

Problem with Landlord repair

By Zorana

 I found two bedroom apartment on the Craigslist which stated that has hardwood floors. I saw the apartment when was in the process of cleaning. There was an old carpet on floors which I thought would be replaced by hadwood floors as was stated in the add. I signed a contract lease and when I went to receive key the menager said that they are not repleacing the carpet. Would you please give an advice how can I solve this problem.

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problem with landlord repair


i first came across the bed bug problem almost two weeks ago. i immediatly called the management company that owns the building follwed by contacting my landlord. when i contacted my landlord it was on a tuesday and he priceeded to tell me he could do nothing about it until friday. he then went and bought bombs from a store and set them off and that was it. it has bren about two weeks now and i still jave them. i also have a 2month old child and want to know if he is responsible for also getting my stuff cleaned. i spent well over 200 dollars 2weeks ago the first timehe took care of this and i definatly dont have money to do it again. im also wondering if theres any possible way he would have to be responsible for finding me another place to live or if i could break the lease i have because it keeps continuing and is not suitable for me to live in even though he is taken care of the problem.

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July 2nd, 2013 12:47 am

When it comes to bed bug treatment the landlord is usually the one responsible to pay for the treatment that is if the tenant did not brought the bed bugs in. You can file a complaint against your landlord if you want though. You can file your complaint with the RPA, I believe they can help you out with your current situation.

Problem with landlord repair

By stella

I have been a tenant for 10 years at this residence and my landlord will not fix anything. My front porch is like a trampline and the steps are falling off, and i have 4 small children. Theres also a leak in the roof which comes through the attic into my bedroom, which you can see the water stains on the ceiling. And also my drains are constantly clogged and I have to use a plunger on the bath tub everytime its used. I have addressed these issues with my landlord several times! He contacted someone about the roof to see if they could patch where it was leaking and when they came to look at it the contractor said the house needed a new roof because all the shingles are coming off so he wouldnt fix that one spot but he would put a roof on, but thats not what my landlord wanted so nothing was done about it, all he did was stick a bucket in the attic to hopefully catch there it was leaking in from the roof. As for the porch, he said that it was a priority and he would get to it when he did. The drains being clogged he told me that I must be doing something for them to keep doing it so nothing was done about it. Im not sure what to do because I’m afraid if I file a complaint against him he will kick me out. HELP PLEASE!!

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problem with landlord repair

By Tenant


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August 8th, 2011 10:38 am

Hi. If you already have spoken to your landlord, then you can go ahead and send a letter. In that case you can indicate all the issues you are having and just for a tip, indicate in your letter the inconvenience that those problems brings to you. If he refuses the letter, you can sue him to lower courts or at least file complain to RPA. They can be able to help you contact your landlord regarding that matter. :)

Pie Lee

May 27th, 2012 6:30 pm

File a complaint here,

Problem with landlord repair

By Jessica

We have been renting a single family 2 story home for 3 years. For the past 6 months I have contacted the lanlord (realestate agent) that the ceiling above the living room is sagging. When you push up on the sagging beams you can actually move them up. When you walk on the floor in the bedroom upstairs from where the beams are sagging you can actually see the ceiling bow down worse. On maintanence man came and looked at it and said it could very well be a problem but that he was there to fix the leak under the slab of the house and would look into it later. Well I signed another lease 2 weeks ago on the agreement they would come look at the ceiling and reassure me that it was not a safety issue since they never came back to look at. I was told they would have someone come out. I signed the lease then got an email  back from the realestate owner stating he remembers the sag being there before we moved in? WTH? Can I call the city of garland and have them come look and see if its a violation or a safety concern?

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Landlord GURU

November 11th, 2009 9:06 am

Yes, you can call the city of Garland to check out the rental. Although, you will most likely want to call your county health department first. They are the ones that will be able to determine if there is a health hazard. Another option would be to file a landlord complaint with the RPA. They will mediate with you and the landlord to come to a fair resolution. That’s my 2 cents, good luck!


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