problems with landlord not maintaining property. health hazards

By sandra sanchez

I have been living in my rental home for 1 year and 10 months. immediately after moving i noticed the bathtubs paint began chipping off and it was black, i complained to the owner, and up to thos day nothing has been done. this is a bathtub that instead of being replaced, was painted and since then the coting is chipping due to mold and deteriation. the bathroon does not have a window, so the humidity stays and creates a bigger problem. my main concern though, is that i reported to him that i had rats in the house. nothing has been done either.  this is a major problem due to the fact that its  a health hazard especially since there are children living at home. the rats have destroyed my leather couches, my sons xbox wires, the vcr wires and have opened holes in the closets through out the rooms. i have tried different products, but without a solution. we hear them scraching through the walls, and I have documented pictures of all this. This person that called himself the landlord asked me to change the company name on my lease and mail the checks. i later find out that this so called company was one that he had opened and the address to which my checks were wupposed to go, is his home. I also have ll my cancelled checks that were erased by him and he would put a different name. while i lter found out that the owners live in spain, and all this time thought the house was vacant. this is clealy fraud. In june of this year 2013, a couple came and told me they were the new administrators of my house. I TOLD THEM OF THE EXISTING PROBLEMS AND THEY FIXED THE PLUMMING WHICH WAS FULL OF ROCKS FROM THE PREVIOUS TENANT… THEY HAD TO BRING ME A NEW KITCHEN BECAUSE A RAT DIED INSIDE AND WE COULDNT BREATH FROM THE SMELL. ABOUT THE RATS THEY HAVE DONE NOTHING. THEY HAVE NOT COVERED THE HOLES INSIDE AND AROUND THE ROOF. THE GARAGE DOOR IS ALSO BROKEN SO THEY HAVE ACCESS BY THERE TOO, ALONG WITH BROKEN ROOF IN THE FRONT, i pay 1600.00 rent and I don’t believe I have to live in this condition, which poses a major health issue with everyone in my home. the landlord is responsible for maintaining the property and giving me a decent and habitable home. I am desperate with this situation and need help. I have pictures and  certified letter i sent to him. to the "new administrators" i gave copeis of everything and nothing has been done. 

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