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By rjk28

We just moved away from the Washington, DC area, and our landlord smacked us with a hefty chunk taken out of our deposit from the so-called Repair Deductible. According to the lease, we’re responsible for $75 each time he was called out to make a repair. He charged us for nine instances, all of which were not caused by us and were normal wear and tear. We contacted the Maryland Attorney General’s office who informed us that this clause is in fact ILLEGAL, and he should refund us our money. We filed an official complaint, but unless we’re willing to go to court, the landlord refuses to budge.

If you see a repair or maintenance clause in your lease, DO NOT SIGN IT! It is not legal, and the landlord is just trying to take advantage of you. We’ve certainly learned our lesson.

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April 17th, 2013 1:49 am

If the attorney general said that what your landlord wrote on your lease agreement was in fact illegal then you have all the right to file a lawsuit against him. You can use the lease agreement as a part of your evidence plus all the receipts you have for the repairs in which you paid. With regards to your security deposit your landlord cannot withhold it and even deduct it without giving you an itemized list of all the repairs he made that is beyond normal wear and tear and the receipts of the things he changed or bought to fix the so-called repairs. If you decide to file a lawsuit you may have a big chance of winning. Good luck!


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