By anonymous

My husband and i have been living in the basement apt of a single family home for 3 yrs under our grandfathers rules, his landlord passed away after him renting the house for 16 yrs. a new landlord bought the property and said he wanted nothing to do with the tenants in the basement (which was us) mind you we had no lease at the time with the man who owned the house. Our grandfather was then evicted after awhile for reasons i will not say.

Our landlord is a slumlord!  We lived in the basement apt with no lease and in living conditions not fit for a rat. mold in the walls bad plumbing, the house should have been condemned. the landlord never fixed anything! we were offered the upstairs apt if we wanted to stay then he charged us 150 more then what we had been paying pryor plus a security deposit of the full rent. we didnt get ours back from when we moved in the basement. he has trash all in the yard that he wont dispose of he says its our responsibilty to get rid of it he brings up his other tenants all the time to us when its none of my business he drinks and makes threats. we are on a 2 week lease because my husband collects unemployment……….i mean i could go on and on i just went to court today because he gave us an eviction when i wasnt late on my payment, he dropped it of course after he saw me and seen the papers i had SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME! i have 2 children and my husband and i are good people, we dont deserve this. i cant even live in peace not knowing if something else is gonna go wrong and i dont know the steps to take to make this slumlord back off!

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August 26th, 2008 5:47 am

Renting from a slumlord is no good! I think you are causing yourself more pain than its worth by remaining to rent from that slumlord. If you don’t have a lease, why not give him notice and move? Find another place, I would also check to see if the new landlord has be RPA Approved. You don’t have to live with theses types of conditions. However, if you don’t want to move because the landlord is giving you a great deal on rent… you will then have to decide what is more important the rent discount or a better rental.


August 27th, 2008 12:51 pm

Let me just say this: There are all types of evictions, not just for non-payment or for being late with rent. Your landlord has right to evict you over any logical reason, such as waste to premise, noise problems, violation of house rules, etc. If its already in court, I would suggest you hire an attorney. But for anyone else that is having a problem with their landlord, I would suggest that you do whatever it takes to avoid going to court.

Micheal Klin

December 5th, 2010 3:50 am

I have called the man and told him the Apartment need fixing and he said he will send the maintance man right over and he never does sent the man right over. I have had no cealing in my rest room for about four months now and I have really big holes in the walls in the bed room and they where here before I moved in and I have asked that they get fixed and he says to me again he will send the maintance man. I have meet the mainance man and he said he will not fix it tell micheal pays him to fix it. I have contacted a lawyer and he is advising me not to pay the rent tell things here are fixed and this man is none for not fixing things and there is nothing the city has done. I have called the mainance man again and he says that he cant come some one slashed his tires and I offered to go get him with his tools and he said no not tell micheal pays me for the last work that he did for him.


August 6th, 2012 5:50 pm

I have a current slumlord who permits prostitution, drug use, verbal threats and abuse against women and then rents to another woman.

Called city hall and requested to speak with the Mayor and found the best you can do is to get out as soon as possible.

These folks are called slumlords for a reason.


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