Sweet to psychotic in 4 days

By jeff

My girlfriend and I just recently moved into what we thought was an amazing second floor two bedroom apartment in the town I grew up in. We have been searching for the right place for a very long time and was not happy with the results until I saw that little for rent sign in the window.  I called the number and on the other end of the line was a sweet old lady who was excited that we had an interest in the apartment and we ended up having a 15 minute conversation on the phone to set up a simple meeting.  Upon the meeting my girlfriend and I loved the place and the sweet old lady(82 and lives in the first floor apartment) loved us and said that it was ours she was just waiting for her most recent tenant to move out. We waited until she called and gave us the green light and went to go sign the lease which was very basic with the add-ons she wrote in about shoveling snow and parking in the driveway which is small but fits 3 cars.  We talked for about two hours as she answered our questions and proceeded to tell us her childhood stories and how young and pretty we both were and how much she likes us.  Everyone was happy and we arranged a date to start moving in. As the date rolled around I wrangled up a couple of my buddys with a truck and started to bring the couches, dressers, and boxes etc. up the stairs.  Our landlord came out and said we were parked too close to her and I assured her she had space( at least 4 ft) and that everything was fine and she went back inside.  That night my girlfriend and I finally sat down in the kitchen to have a glass of water because we were exhausted from moving all day when we noticed a gas smell coming from the old oven.  To be safer than sorry we called pseg to come do a quick 5 minute gas test the next day.  The pseg guy comes and while he is tested the oven and air our doorbell rings.  I open the door to the sweet old lady who is now yelling at me that the pseg truck  is blocking the driveway and why would they be here.  I told her he’s just doing a quick test because we smelled gas and she starts yelling at me that its our fault if theres a gas leak we must of broke it while moving in but I assured her it was not a big deal it is just better to be safe than sorry and she left with about 35 changes in attitude from yelling to understanding to yelling again.  We continued to move in the next 3 days and everything was fine until one night we get a letter from our landlord stating that we are not aloud to have visitors over and if we do it can only be one to two people for one night only two times a year.  My girlfriend and I were pretty confused by this because she previously stated it was more than ok to have guests and that it wasn’t mentioned in the lease.  We both decided to go ring her doorbell to have a simple discussion because we were confused. The old lady answers her door and immediately begins to yell at us. She than goes on to accuse us of filling her house with gas and trying to set it on fire?!?!  She also is talking to us like we have been living here for years even though it is our fourth day living here and proceeds to tell us that we always team up on her and abuse and yell at her( even though we haven’t talked since the pseg truck blocked the driveway). She is so unbelievabley mentally unstable it is quite scary. My girlfriend wants to move already and I as well because this women is capable of scary accusations. What should we do to cover ourselves in the meantime and assure that she doesn’t call the cops on us or anything crazy?

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