Threatening eviction without cause

By Tenant

I moved into my apt with a friend of mine back in Sept ’08.  January we had our first complaint.  My roommate showered with music on (around noon on a Saturday).  We found a note on the door a few days later as a courtesy by our front office informing us there was a complaint.  When I called the office to find out what this was about I found out the neighbor had initially complained about that incident but when the front office said it was during the day the neighbor added we had a party and music was turned up until 4am.  (FYI, there was no party…we were asleep long before that)  I informed the office there was no party and she said it was no big deal.  I told her to make sure if he had any issues like that again, to call the police.  I would much rather there be a record of an incident or lack thereof.  The 2nd incident was again on a Saturday, 5pm.  I was playing music (and not at all at a loud level) for approx 20 minutes before I went to work and he didn’t like it.  This time he came knocking on my door.  I didn’t answer.  I called my office on Monday and told them to inform him to never knock on my door again and he should contact the police dept if he has any further complaints (again).  The 3rd incident happened this past Sunday at 730pm.  I had my music barely audible outside the room I was in and he came knocking on my door.  I again looked through the peephole and didn’t answer.  He left and returned 5 minutes later.  Again, I didn’t answer.  I turned off my music at 750pm.  The front office contacted me on Tuesday to inform me of the complaint.  Supposedly he called the police who told him to let the front office know he had called.  Police were never dispatched because it was before the 10pm quiet hours the town has.  My front office tells me I’m on temp probation and if I get another complaint they will seek to evict me.  I told them that if they were going off of just what he says and no police reports, he could just lie and say whatever he wanted.  She had no response.  So, now what?  Can they really do that?  If they do evict me, am I liable for paying the remaining balance on my 1 year lease?

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April 22nd, 2009 7:40 pm

The problem is that the apartment building is probably contructed of paper thin walls. What you may think is soft, can be very annoying to your neighbors. You can be evicted for what is called breach of quiet enjoyment. However, if you get evicted you will most likely not be required to pay for the remaining portion of the lease.
Try keeping your music down. You may even want to develop a professional relationship with your neighbor. Apologize to him in person, then ask him to call you directly is there are any future problems. That should make things much better.


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