told to park in the handicap parking

By no parking

Is it legal for my apartment complex to take away my parking stall and assign it as handicap parking and then tell me to continue parking there because the person they had made it handicapped for is unable to move their vehicle from the stall they are reassigning it to? It has been marked with a blue handicap sign.

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August 20th, 2010 8:12 am

If your on private property, such as an apartment building, a police officer can not issue you a parking ticket except at the request of the property owner. If you are concerned, have the property owner/manager write you a short letter that you have permission to park there.

Michele Vialpando

March 23rd, 2011 6:30 pm

I moved in here about 31 days ago. I parked in front of building, roommate parked in front of building with the permit to park in front of apartment building. There was no handicap places for me. I complained, and the office then immediately, 3 weeks later, put up a sign for handicap parking in front of the building. And only one space.They know there is two people living in this building, me and someone else on the 2nd floor. She is the one that told me about the other disabled person here. Sometimes I get the parking space, and sometimes, i have to walk from group parking, down two buildings from mine. Which is a very very painful walk for me. My ability to walk 50 feet, is ok with assistance of a cane. Anymore than that, causes my feet to hurt much more then usual, which is a lot of pain to begin with. That walk is terrible on me. There is only 13 spots available for parking in front of our building. Two spots have been taken by people living in another building.

So anyway, she (office manager) sent out a letter stating that the person who is assigned to the individual handicap parking, they call special parking. can have anyone towed immediately for parking there, anyone. Even another handicapped car. The person who gets this parking spot also will get a special permit to park there. And they want an additional 42.00 now for March and April’ and a normal $35.00 a month to be able to use that spot, handicapped parking, for only one car only. This money would added to our rent. The first one to the office tomorrow morning with the money order gets the spot. I have to compete with a neighbor up stairs for a parking spot for handicaps. They do not have handicap parking at other buildings.

My question to you is:

With having a disability, i am on a fixed income, can they legally make me pay for a handicap parking space, in order to even park there?


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