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We signed a lease from June ’07 to June ’08 and when it came time to renew, our landlord just dropped a new lease off at our apartment. Well we’ve had some problems with them and wanted the new lease to have some changes made in it. Long story short, after they never returned my initial calls about the changes, I forgot about the unsigned lease. Just recently we decided to look for new places and I remembered they don’t have a signed copy of the lease. Can I just call them and say we’re moving out? They can’t charge us any broken-lease fees since there’s no signed copy of the lease, right? Any advise will do, we’re going to talk to them on Oct. 13th. Thanks!

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March 16th, 2011 3:40 am

Depends on laws in your state. South Carolina recognizes a verbal lease. Even if you do not sign a lease renewal, paying rent after the initial lease expires is acceptance of the lease terms. SC also requires tenants to give their landlords a minimum 30-day notice to vacate and landlords five their tenants 30-day notice of non-renewal of the lease. Your lease could be different, read the terms. Ask yourself how you would feel if your landlord did not recognize a lease because you didn’t sign it and told you to move-out in 2 days. Or, require you to pay $100 more on rent than on the initial lease because you were not “locked-in” for another lease term because you didn’t sign it? Read your lease and check with your local Magistrate court for local laws. You could be charged and early termination fee if you do not give the minimum required notice on your lease.


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