Any way to ease financial obligation?

By PIA College Rental

We live in Wisconsin, approximately 55 miles from the college my daughter got accepted to this past fall. The school requires students who live more than a certain number of miles away to live "on campus."  This school uses an apartment building approx. 3 miles from the school for student housing.

So my daughter was required to lease her bedroom in a 2 bedroom apartment, which is occupied by 2 other students also.  My daughter is transferring to a different college in the same city & could stay in the apartment, though the college housing person emailed & said they prefer the apartment to be occupied by students of their school.  She also is having issues with one of the other students who has damaged some of my daughter’s property (which she was sharing with the other girls), along with making the apartment a mess by leaving her stuff all over.  My daughter only goes home to the apartment when she has to, & then she shuts herself in her room; Now transferring to another school, she prefers to get a place of her own.

However, the lease goes until May 2014 so my daughter is locked into paying. I am wondering if there is any legal way to get out of the balance of the lease (January thru April payments will be due) because the school REQUIRED her to live in that building since she lived out of town from the school?  My daughter wouldn’t have rented from there if she could have lived anywhere else.

Has anyone else been in this type of situation?


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