Apartment Parking

By Thuy

I rent the aprtment, and registered the car with a parking permit. Now, I change a new car, the rental ‘s office asked for registration. After I show both car’s registration (same name, but not my name), they refused to give me back a parking permit (they charge for parking permit too $20). They said that their apartment parking rules require the car to be in my name.  Can my property manager do that?

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October 22nd, 2010 7:57 am

I live in a senior complex and we all have parking stickers. Which in short order everyone is told that you can park anywhere in the complex as long as you have a sticker. My question is: Is this legal? I live in one building, but the person from another building chooses to park in the space I use even when they don’t live in our building. But I am not allowed to complain because the complex states you can park anywhere you choose as long as you have a parking sticker. I have gone and asked to rent my space which is $25 extra a month, but the problem with that they only issue so many of these reserve parking spaces. Is there a law on parking in apartment complexes or does management make them up as they go?


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