Bed bug situation

By Brittany Henry

I lived at my apartment for about 8 months now and now I have bed bugs and they are saying I’m responsible because I brought them in. We’ll I didn’t but this is what the lady at the office said. When I moved here I had practically no furniture and I did not have this problem before I moved here. I’m very upset about her saying that I brought them here. I never knew of an apartment not taking care of a pest problem.  Anyway I reported this twice the first time I’ve gotten bit I let the office know that I may have bed bugs. They sent out a guy who just put stupid traps down that didn’t catch anything but spiders and baby roaches no help. So I continuously get bites on my legs, arms, and neck thank God my 2 month old didn’t have any yet. Bingo one night I was up late in the dark on my phone and I feel something on my leg I jump up really fast, turn on the light and there it was a bed bug. With no hesitation I grabbed it for evidence and showed the office. Again now basically a month later they send the guy out for a third time to confirm it was a bed bug. Now it’s confirmed and they say I am responsible. I asked her how so and she tells me most if the time people bring them with them..true but I KNOW that wasn’t the case. Then the lady mentions that she changed the carpets well I told her just because you change the carpets doesn’t mean bed bugs are eliminated from within the walls, that was dumb to say. Also I moved right into my apartment not even a week and a half after the other tenants moved out so what does that tell you? I need help fast I don’t have money to pay for this and I know it isn’t my cause.

Edited on: Wednesday, October 22nd, 2014 3:06 pm

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