bribes from landlords on bedbegs

By Amanda

landlord says she owes us nothing and that I brought the bedbugs then stated her husband suggested my roommate an I move out.

the next day she apologized dropped the rent ALOT  and has offered us replacement furnature reimbursement on laundry expesses but has yet to comply on any of her promisses. my roommate thanks we are getting a great deal and because we have no money we should take her up on her offer. i disagree i thing we need everything she has offered us in writing and inform the neighborhood an have an extermiator out at every unit until the situation is resoulved. so far 3 ppl have complained but she has apparently offered them a great deal too so they are still here an not talking. shes paying ppl to not talk well im not to be bought an that goes for everyone else living here who has no clue about they’re rights. ive got documents and recordings on everything so where do i go from here seeing that my roommate thinks i should take the deal and shutup. (i won’t) shes a slumlord no landlord!!

Edited on: Wednesday, March 28th, 2012 7:52 pm

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