Can I recover loss of furniture from landlord over bedbugs ?

By bbailey00

Hello all I live in Kentucky and I am having a bed bug issue … I moved into this complex in July of 2012 and in the last 10 months i have seen about 20 residents move in and out of the apartments and each time they go the dumpsters are loaded with plastic covered furniture. I’m stupid I see that now, but they were dumping everything because of bedbugs. A few weeks back my best friend (who also moved in after me told me about her bed bug issue) and I proceeded to talk to the neighbors in my own building (different from my friend) and found out they too have been battling bed bugs since they moved in years earlier .. I asked what happened when they complained to the maintenance guy who lives on site and there response was "he hands them a couple bombs and tells them that will fix it" he has not sprayed or if he does spray he sprays in one apartment only and does not .. nor has he or the property owner informed any other residents in the building or complex about the issue and now my own apartment is infested with bed bugs (just found out lady above me has been fighting them for months). I purchased $4000.00 worth of furniture in August for my new apartment and now I am in the process of having to throw it all away in order to combat the problem. I currently have about 150 bites on my body and my son is terrified (he is 8) and won’t come home (he stays at his older sisters house) because he has been bitten so many times. My sons bed (Twin bunk beds) which cost me $800 alone for just the bed is now becoming a part of our monday morning garbage pick up … he rarely slept in these beds (he preferred his bean bag) so now Brand new beds still in plastic wrappers are being tossed in the garbage. I approached my maintenance guy last week after I talked to other residents and he swear no one has informed him of anything "his playing dumb act is getting old" and said he will come spray my place . I asked him about my losses on my furniture and he said not my problem .. (he helped me carry all my new furniture in so he is aware it was all just recently purchased) . I am still paying on this furniture due to it being on a loan and now I am losing it all and will have to start over again. Do I have any legal recourse for suing for my losses .. the Apartment Complex has been aware of this problem long before I moved in as well as they are not informing anyone who moves in about the issue. Alot of the units in this apartment complex are Section 8 Based ( i’m not on section 8 so not sure if HUD will help me with this issue) and the tenants who have been here for a long time on section 8 are afraid to complain to anyone due to fear of losing their housing. I believe the tenants when they say he has not tried to fix the issue or even address it, I myself have had a hole in my bathroom ceiling for over 6 months (and everytime upstairs neighbor takes a shower the pipes pour water into my shower) and he has not even addressed this issue (he gave me a can of ceiling tile spray paint and told me to spray over the water spots) there is no longer a drop ceiling tile there due to amounts of water hitting it daily from upstairs showers. So my question is to anyone with legal mind Can I sue for the loss of my furniture ? $4000 new in August is now going to be sitting in the dumpster, my living room 2 bedrooms and dinette set are all wood and have infestations in all areas. I have tried spraying and combatting the problem as much as I can without success and with the number of bites I am currently sporting i can’t take it anymore . I am renting a storage bin unit locally and moving everything out of my house that is not required and making sure it is bed bug free until i can find a new apartment. SO Please Help and give me advice. He has never resolved the problem for any other tenants nor do I think he will resolve this issue for me. 

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