Can my Landlord do this?

By kmherr6


  My landlord chose not to renew my lease 
 but didn’t give me in any kind of notice. While I
 was at work she had the locks changed and 
 packed up my stuff. Isn’t this considered a self help
 eviction and what can I do?

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Can my Landlord do this???

By Frustrated in Kansas

      My husband and I rented a room in an older couples home last October (2013).  He was 67 and still working 30+ hours a week and she is 60 and hasn ‘t worked in several years do to health issues stemming from fybromyalgia and a few other things.  Being a former nurse and fellow fibromyalgia sufferer, I thought it would be nice to live with someone who understood what I went through on a daily basis and it’s fufilling to me to help people who need encouragement.  She had been basically bedridden for 2 years or more after a fall that broke a bone around her hip, but she did not need a hip replacement.  The agreement was my hjusband or I would cook 4 nights a week (usually Monday – Thursday), split the grocery bill,pay 375.00 in rent, and I would do about an hours worth of housework (dust the livingroom, vacuum ect.) and we would all take a turn cleaning the bathroom.  Unfortunately, that’s not how it  worked out.

     We met "P" when she came to pick us up for an evening over at their home.  On the way back we stopped at the gas station to buy cigarettes and a soda.  She had her hand out from the beginning asking us to buy both for her.  My husband, being a nice guy, paid for her drink and Marlboro cigarettes.  (Red flag #1) Pulling into her drive she felt "shaky" and asked me to help her get seated out on the back deck and please make her a peanut butter sandwich.  I noticed as I searched through the unfamiliar kitchen, that they had very little food…peanut butter and bread was about all they had.  (Red flag #2)

     "P", her husband, soon came home from work and had little to add to the converstation.  He’s a quite man.  He’d have to be as she fills up the silence with questions that go past the normal boundries of decency.  I remember being extremely hungry as I had not eaten all day and someone suggested ordering pizza,so that’s what we did, and you guessed it…we paid for that as well.  (Red flag #3)  After all the pizza was eaten I was definately ready to go home and go to bed for tomorrow was moving day, BUT she didn’t want us to leave.  She asked us if we didn’t want to just spend the night.  We declined and her husband drove us home.

     As we were falling asleep, my husband said, "She is going to nickel and dime us to death."  I wish I would have listened to my husband!


Next time:  I take a trip down the stairs, backwards and I catch my landlady snooping through my pills while I’m taking a nap.

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can my landlord do this

By frustrated tenantt

i rent two rooms in san diego county. my boys got caught smoking pot on just one day and my landlords that live in the house too caught them. they want to punish my kids, take away the computer, their cell phones, tv, xbox, ground them for 1 month, no friends for 6-12 months, drug test randomly. can they do this and also, can they evict me, i have no place to go and no money.

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Landlord GURU

June 8th, 2010 10:57 pm

Obviously your landlord is attempting to take on the role of a parent.  They can ABSOLUTELY evict you!  Landlords can’t take away Tv’s, cell phones, etc   I get the impression that the landlord is attempting to work with you by teaching your kids a hard lesson about using drugs.  If the landlord is allowing you to stay but asking that you punish your boys, then I would do it IF you can’t afford to move.  Its clear your boys are out of control if they are smoking pot.  I would work something out with your landlord to show him/her that you are being responsible and teaching your boys a hard lesson.  Ultimately you are the parent and you have the responsibility of disciplining your kids.  I urge you to start putting your foot down.
Your landlord could have reported you to Division of Family Services, Evicted you, etc.  So, you may be in a better position than you think.  Whatever you do– you’ve got to straighten up your boys before its too late.  Don’t go easy on them… smoking pot is a serious offense that could leave you and your boys with criminal records.

Can my Landlord do this??

By Liz

I just spoke to my Landlord and she is saying that she will be locking me out of my home in 2 days, on Monday.  She says she can do this with out a court order and that it is legal and that her attorney told her this.  I have 3 children under the age of 12 and no where to go.  Is this something that she can do?  I do owe some back rent but she refuses to take any money form me.  What can I do?

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May 8th, 2010 6:33 pm

Sorry I forget to put my email address for any one that can help to reply to.  My email is  Thank in advance to anyone that may be able to help me.


May 22nd, 2012 8:37 pm

Your landlord should atleast hand you a written eviction notice in advance. Did he really go to a lawyer? Any lawyer with a sound mind would not advice this. Just file a complaint here if you need legal advice.

Can my landlord do this ?

By Miriam hughes

I’ve been renting my apartment since 09 with my kids who were much younger at the time but over the years my. Apartment have become horrible my light in my daughters room don’t work we have bed bugs the windows contain led the wallpaper is tearing my landlord didn’t fix anything he raised the rent to 1500$ and it’s only a 2 bedroom now he gave me a lease stating that I  can’t have pets I had my dog for 4 years since I moved here ! All of a sudden he has a lease last year he didn’t give me one someone please help !

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can my landlord do this?!

By first timers

we are trying to rent a home in texas that has just been remodled so there is no electric meter and the electric lines have been cut from the pole, the landlord said we could move in on the 12th day of december and here we are in january still not in the house because there is no meter and they are saying it is our responsibility to have one put in, is that true? not only have we had this issue but they did not give us a copy of the signed lease just a blank lease and we had to pay for the inspector to come out. can someone please help us figure out if what they are doing is right?

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Can my landlord do this?

By linnette fontanez

I live in California, renting one room in a 3 bedrooms, 2 parking garage house, since May 2012. Verbal agreement, month a month lease. Landlord lives in the house. He offered me the smaller room with no private bathroom and parking spot with full access of the house. Landlord said that he was not going to rent the room on the 2nd floor, right above mine so he did not offered to me. That is a bigger room with private bathroom and he said it was going to be a guest room. Few months ago he rented the other room to a person that is very loud and have too dogs that scratch the floor and scream the whole day. I can not sleep, work or concentrate when they are in her room because the room is right above mine, have wood floor so I can hear everything. Now, he wants her to park on my driveway, blocking me from getting in and out of my parking spot. I said that was not what he offered me when I rented the place. I mentioned him that I was dealing with a lot of noise since she moved in and my quality of life was not the same as it was before and now, he wanted to make things difficult and inconvenience for me making my driveway a tandem parking. I told him he was not respecting our oral agreement. He said: "things changed". "That is why we have a month a month lease". "I can do whatever I want and be selfish because I am the owner". "I can change the rules and our agreement because I am the owner and if you don’t like it, you need to leave the house". He threated me and said: "You have a pretty good situation here and I can kick you out whenever I want". I told him that he was very unfair and he was being impartial trying to help her and making things more difficult for me. He responded: "Life is not fair". I told him that I have to deal with the inconvenience of not having a private bathroom and she should deal with the inconvenience of finding a parking spot around the area as we both agreed in the first place. We both knew what we were getting when we decided in renting here. We both pay the same rent and have pros and cons, which I think it make it fair. I feel like he is imposing things breaking our agreement, harassing and threating me about kicking me out. I feel he is taken advantage because he is the landlord and little by little he is giving me less and less every month for the same price of rent . I have witnesses for the verbal agreement and I have copies of all the e-mails and text messages about this issue. Landlord wants to make this impositions effective on June 7, 2013. What should I do? Can he do this? Do I have rights as a tenant this particular case? Thanks, Linnette

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Can my landlord do this?

By Dee

Okay, I live in some apartments in dallas,tx In they are saying being that I only have dealer tags they can only give me a vistor pass. But, I am a resident but I have been treated like a vistor to walk all the way from the street to park my car. I did have a vistor pass in my window for the date of  December.19 2013 and they towed my car they are saying that being the they towed my car own December 20 at 4:30 am that is good cause. Please help can they do this in make me foot the bill

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Can my landlord do this?

By cj

I signed a lease and got the keys for an apartment declaring I had 1 small dog.  My family was coming to be with me from another state.  They told me the had another small dog with them.  I called the landlord to tell her and she stated that it was a lease breaker to have another dog.She told me she was going to charge me a daily rate until she rented the apartment again and was keeping my 1st month rent and deposit.  I never stayed or moved into the apartment.  Can she do that?  Help!

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January 8th, 2010 2:56 pm







May 9th, 2011 1:23 pm

Never thought 1 dog can cause such problem. yeah, try going over your written agreement and see if it’s just 1 Dog. Maybe you just need to talk to him/her to sort things out. Dogs can be adorable sometimes so try bringing your dog. anyway if feel this is something illegal file a complaint. RPA is can help you out with that. here’s a link just fill it out an let them do the rest of it.

Can my landlord do this?

By Chloe

Frustrated tenant

I live in a large apartment complex.  Utilities were paid to a company in Florida.  Our complex was sold, so the new owners decided to collect utilites themselves.  They decided if you live in a two bedroom the cost for water and garbage was 50.00 per month.  Three bedrooms 100.00 per month.  My concern is I am a single tenant.  My neighbors have six people living in a two bedroom and they will pay 50.00 also.  We live in a college town, so some apartments have as many tenants as 7-8 .  This is not fair.  Also we have no idea how much the water bill is.  Water is only billed every other month.  What can I do.  Also the landlord gave me a three day notice to pay the water bill or move.  I plan to file a complaint. 

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Henry Gipsen

July 10th, 2010 9:53 am

Hi Chloe,

To me it sounds like the new owners may have altered a previously arranged agreement. When a company or landlord buys an apartment complex they are required by law to comply with previous agreements. They would be obligated to honor the agreement through the end of your contract. So, if they have altered how you are being charged for water and garbage and its costing you more money than it did with the previous owner; you have a very sold complaint.

Filing a complaint is a good move. The agent working with you will be able to get to the bottom of it. Also since you are talking about a small amount of money, I would suggest that on the complaint you request that your landlord credit you for the $35 filing fee.

chelsea guhl

August 31st, 2010 5:20 pm

The property management company my husband and i went through to rent our home in Utah is trying to charge us for the entire month after we moved out of the property. We never lived in the property during that month and still they are trying to collect that rent. Our neigbors have also noticed that the property has been rented to someone else during that month. What can we do?

can my landlord do this

By flamingo

what will happen if i left the house informing the landlord verbally one month before my lease end without a written notice that the house is infested with bed bugs ? is it lawful to use my deposit to fix the problem ?

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can my landlord do this ?

By miwok indian

can my landlord have a manager that is a child sex affender ?

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can my landlord do this

By wolf

 Can my landlord charge late fee without lease agreement?

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Can my landlord do this

By Kylene

I terminated my lease early.  I placed an ad, took the calls, showed the property then sent the prospective tenant to the landlord.  These tenants were handed the keys on the day the landlord did our final walk through. The walk through went well, no repairs needed. The itemized list came a couple of days ago with $840 deducted for 28 hours of work related to renting the property at $30 an hour and $30 for gas, $870.  It took us 1 hour to place the ad, take the call and show the property to the tenants that now occupy it. I believe this violates her duty to mitigate loss and acting in good faith because the hours are excessive as evidenced by how long it took us to find the tenants that occupy the property at this moment and similar real estate related jobs that perform the tasks she says she did pay $15 an hour in the area.  We agreed to show the property to any and all prospective tenants she sent.  She sent none. .She also rented the property for $40 more a month for the remaining 6 months of our lease which is a gain to her not a loss.   Do we have a leg to stand on legally to recover the $870? Is she acting in bad faith. my email is

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Can my landlord do this??

By Florida 1974

My landlord is selling the apartment building, however she never informed us of her intentions. she hired a realestate broker to sell the building, however she never informed us who he was. Two days ago he stuch a notice on our door stating that an inspector would be here today at 10:30, and if we are not home Mr. Adam Duncan would open the apartment for the inspector. Today I came home to find my locks broken, my neighbor told me that the agent was here along with four other people who came into my apartment, my landlord was not present, and only one of the guys was an inspector. My question is, is this legal. I thought the only person who had access to my apartment was my landlord and myself.

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Can my Landlord do this?!

By Annonymous

Can a lanlord just kick you out of the place you are renting even though you have been paying the rent on time for the last 8 years. There has never been an issue before and now all of a sudden we got a letter stating to move out by the end of October, 2013. We have complained serveal times about things not getting fix in the house. Is there any way to fight this and still be able to stay where we are at. We got a letter today stating not to renew our lease. By the way we live in Texas. 

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can my landlord do this?

By stressed out

 please tell me if i have any rights my landlord had my vehicle towed from my home when i contacted the tow company they informed me that the rental agency told them it was abandonded, i have lived and had the car there for three yearswhen i asked the rental company why they said because it had a flat abd they had no obligation to inform me because in the lease they did not list vehicles at their time and becauce it was,on there property they had every right. and to add insult to injury two lweeks later they sent a newsletter stating every reason why and cause they could have some one vehicle towed and that everyone has to list there vehicle with them. i dont undertand why i must be a example one week after that they inform mee that a,window that had a hair  line fracture that they repaired two months prior i need to repay when it was not damaged by me or know one at  my property i cant seem to understand why they waited two months  after they repaired it too tell me that. all of this started days after i asked them  if they  could help me with the cost of getting my vehicle from the tow lot  which i may loose because i cannot   afford to pay the cost is now over five hundred andf i am a single mother i cant eve get  my kids to school   please   helps

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Can my Landlord do this

By anonymous

I received a notice from the landlord that my child is in violation of section 10 of my lease that give reasonable peace to other tenants.

There is a playground in front o the complex which is in full view from the front window and porch of my apartment. My child goes out and plays as do other children in the complex. According to the leasing office manager she has received   several complaints from other tenants that in there view my child is outside unsupervised in the playground. I have only lived here for 4 moths and this is the second time that I have had to deal with the leasing office telling me that my child is not allowed to be in the playground or on the grounds unless I am with her at all times. Now there are several other children who are in the playground at any given time and there are no parents there with them.


What gives these people the right to tell me how to parent my child. First of all I know where she is at all times. Secondly according to the lease there is nothing in there that states that children have to be accompanied by a parent or adult while in the playground. Also I would like to state my child is not bothering anyone although she is very friendly and says hello and goodbye to everyone she sees coming or going in the complex. She has gone to a neighbors house and knocked on there door to see if there child can come out to play but I didn’t realize that this was a crime and it was considered her bothering other tenants.


we complain kids don’t play outside and are fat, and all they do is sit inside and play video games and watch tv and yet I have a child who only wants to be outside playing and getting fresh air and apparently it is not allowed. When I was growing up we ran around the neighborhood from 8am-dusk. There were no rules and or restrictions on outdoor play as long as we were not destroying other peoples property and  obey the laws.  I have called the leasing office to discuss this issue both times and have told them she is not alone I can see her from my porch and or window and I am aware of where she is yet the keep to there several people have continuously complained that they are worried about the safety and welfare of your child.


help any advice I have already contacted an attorney but would like to hear from anyone that has gone through similar or knows of legal recourse.



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can my landlord do this?

By Nezz1

My landlord is persistently telling me who I can and can’t have at my apartment. She is basically telling me that felons are not allowed on the property. Which I have multiple family members that are past felons. Other felons are on the property, at other apartments and have been told nothing. Can she legally do this? We have never bothered her, we do not cause problems, and just stay to ourselves. I don’t know what to do or where to go on trying to fix this problem. Any advice???

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Can my landlord do this???

By Virojakal

I pay for water with my rent. The lease says this . My landlord has installed meters in my mobile home park to charge us for usage of water, but is still charging us the same amount of rent (which has water included).  We have about 300 people looking for answers. My lease does not have an end date, and have not been asked to sign a new one. 

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Can my landlord do this!!!

By karlo

 I have been renting an aprtment attached to the "landlords" house that is located on a lake.  The lease is tenant at will and all utilites are included. The day I was to move in it became clear the unit was unsanitary with scum on shower, old tenants bathroom belongings in dirty drawers, very dusty unwashed floor and alot "dead bugs" in the window screens and edges.  I had a cleaning company spend 4 hours cleaning and sent the bill to the landlord as this unit was dirty with another persons hair in the shower drain. Ect…
Also…I moved in 3 days after the 1st due to conditions. The nite I came home for first nite..tyhere was NO outside light as I groped my way along the house…when I found the door to go upstairs it was Pitch dark and I tripped as entered the hallway, fell hard on a concrete floor and hit my head on the STEEL door that leads to his garage.  I could not get up for about 5 minutes…madse my way up the stairs and put ice on the now large swelling on my forhead. Fearful I may have a concussion I took a picture of the red swell and text5ed a friend to call me in the AM as fearful I had a concussion.  I remained a bit "off" for a day or so  had a huge bruise on my knee.
@ weeks later I slipped on the bathroom floor while taking my laundry out of the dryer, feel so hard on the floor I could not get off the floor for close to half hour & no phone. My 15 yr. old son found me 15 minutes later crying in pain on the floor and wanted to call an ambulance.  since3 that date I have endured a terrible injury to my hamstring resulting in  doctors visit, emergency room evaluation, several physical therapy session, several chiropractor appointments and 3 months of cronic pain and limitations on all activites as my hip and entire3 right side was very traumitized in this fall.
On two seperate occaions the landlord has interrogated my guests: once my 15 yr. old son and his 15 yr. old friend whom were visiting me. Demanding to know the name parents name ect….he frightened these boys with his wild eyes as they called it.   Another time he drove into the driveway so fast and aggressivly jumped outta truck demanding to know "who are you" to my Friend and his daughteri whom had come for a visit and swim.  Yelling loudly to me as I was enjoying my guests on the shore…(they left immediatly after they asked him to refrain from any further confrontaion as their young "children" were frightened. They refused to return for the lunch I had prepared as said "he is way to angry to be anywhere near his property"     He then confronted me for the second time (alone without any witnesses) about guests not being ALLOWED to swim from HIS yard…he insisted I was told NO ONE except me and my son were allowed to swim in the lake as he could get sued.   Nothing was in the rental agreement that stated this and I told him "why would I rent an apartment on a lake if my few friends could not visit for a swim!  he then accused me oif causing 3,000 damage to his garage roof as a fast storm dropped alot water into unit while I was at work……ruined a oriental rug of mine…..I had been there for 2 weeks.
Despite telling him of the UNSAfE lighting on side house I enter/exit….and I had trippe3d more than once, nothing was done for several weeks.  he then installed a motion light that shuts off within a minute lweaving me in the total dark yet again. Also I know he hgas been in my unit without asking on more than one occasion: this has felt very creepy and unsafe to me as I live alone.
During 3 seperate "confrontations" that he made new rules of occupancy…he brought up the abduction and subsequent "murder" of 2 children from the area ::: over 15 years ago this real events did happen yet what the heck did that have to do with me?   I think the unit is Illegal also as it is above a 3 car garage…no air conditioning allowed and was an oven during the 3 week heat wave.   A door to his garage locks from the garage side thus he can enter my apartment anytime he wants without a key.   Help!!!


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can my landlord do this?

By Joshua

we entered into our apartment 2 years ago with a total of 6 people in a duplex. 3 months ago new tenants moved in and the problems started. prior to the

new tenants the agreement was since it has shared utilities, the utilities are to be devide 50/50. once the new tenants started questioning our landlord as to 

the nuber of people, they then refused to pay 50%.The landlord then told us that we have to start paying 75% of the utilities.


A month later those same tenants started complaining as to the number of occupants in our apartment. so our landlord then decide to increase our rent by

an additional $50 without any written notice. we ageed anyway. Here it is 60 days later, now he wants to change the aditional $50 to $150 again without any written notice.

All maintenance request have yet to be done by the landlord. so far we have been waiting one year for him to do something.most maintenance issues have been addressed by 

me with the landlord only paying for materials and not for the time including the replacement of a bedroom ceiling. this was do to faulty water pipes.

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August 14th, 2013 9:26 pm

Hi Joshua…It really sucks to have neighbors like yours. You can’t enjoy your freedom and your right of quiet enjoyment. With regards to the repairs on your rental unit, it is your landlord’s responsibility to make maintenance repairs on the rental unit. And since your landlord is not doing anything to give you resolutions then I think it is time for you to file your complaint against him. You can file it through the RPA complaint center and here is the link you can use

can my landlord do this?

By estrella santoya

hes giving discounts to certain people but not everyone else who qualifies for the same discounts. he allowes other people to have pets but not me. he wont maintain the bug issue that i have been complaing about for nearly 10 months. im so fed up. thank goodness i only have 2 months left on my lease. but i want out now. 

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Can my landlord do this??

By h from colorado

I am looking to see if my boyfriend and I have any rights as tenants in a home rental here in Greeley, Colorado.  Our lease was up as of April 30th of 2013.  I do not know if the landlord needed to tell us that it was coming up at all? Anyways, as of May 1st we started asking for the new lease when we would go in and pay rent.  We asked at least twice a month.  The lady at the front desk tried looking for it each time we went in and asked to sign it.  She couldn’t find it, but told us that there was nothing to worry about.  She would have the manager inform us when it was written.  No response at all…… until we got a "lease expiration/ notice to vacate" in yesterday’s mail.  Well…… we are going in to talk to them this morning, since we are not sure if they even ever wrote a new lease for us to sign.  Although, the lady in the front assured us everything would be fine and not kicked out.  If we find out that a lease was in the making for sure, then do we not have rights because we tried communicating that we wanted to sign one way before this vacate notice?

And, since we tried communicating our desire to continue/ fear of eviction without an answer from them except "everything will be okay", doesn’t that show that we are responsibly trying to handle the situation….. leading to the next question.  Can you explain Colorado statute 13-40-107?  Do we even fit into there?

The reason that they gave us on the notice was that the "property owner" wishes to do some updating on his property and place it back in the RENTAL market for current fair market rent.  We do not understand this….. why couldn’t they update while we live there? And…. if they are going to rent it again, why couldn’t we stay?  Are there certain rules about that are not appropriate reasons for tenants to be told to vacate? Are there certain rules that state that we cannot stay while they update?

The date on the vacate notice to vacate shows as "on or before August 15 of 2013".  Since no one ever contacted us whether we could sign a new lease or not, we obviously went into holdover.  In our holdover section of our lease it says: "Unless another lease is signed……..the lease will be automatically renewed on a month to month basis……… after expiration of the original term 30 days notice of termination is required from either party.  All vacate dates of the premises will be on the last day of the vacate month. NO MID MONTH DATES ARE ALLOWED." So…. my question here: if we in fact do not have any right to stay then our date to be completely moved out is the last day of August 2013 and not August 15th? 

Last but not least, the end of the notice says "you have been long term tenants and we will miss you…. but we must follow the direction of the property owner."  This here shows we have not done anything to be kicked out.  Of course, we will be asking them tomorrow if they kindly have something else for us to move in to, since we kind of need a place…… from what the notice says.

Again, we just want to know if we have any rights.  If it was rent, or  something else that could be fixed, we would get a certain amount of time to fix the issue, right?  Do we have any rights here…. is this unjust, or is the landlord in the right? Thanks!!

Edited on: Monday, July 15th, 2013 4:16 am

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can my landlord do this

By dena

My partner and I were renting a house, we were both on the lease.  Things were not going well between us and I decided to move out.  I gave our landlord a 30 day notice, that I would be moving. Once the 30 days was up, I paid the next months rent and moved.  My partner was late on the following months rent and actually lived there for 5 additional months, without paying rent.  The landlord never did a formal eviction, the landlord offered help with the moving, the help was in the form of a enclosed trailer, the landlords stated that the belongings could be removed at our leisure (as I still had garage items at the home) The landlord was un happy with the state that the house was left in, I personally went and cleaned the entire house, walls and all.  I paid to have the carpet repaired where a log had rolled out of the fireplace.  The damage that was not repaired are as follows;

1. torn screen – which we offered to repair but the land lord got tired of waiting

2.  A bent mini blind (aluminum), offered to replace, we took to long we really did

3. A cracked vanity

4. Some small burns in the carpet, also offered to repair

5.  A leaky faucet


Bottom line they are now refusing to give us our belongings in the trailer – what to do?

Edited on: Wednesday, July 3rd, 2013 8:54 pm

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Can my landlord do this?

By Cameron Opinia

Can my landlord get me to sign a bed bug addendum with the knowledge of bed bugs in a unit diagonal to me? The night he moved out, I moved in, and coincidently met him. A couple weeks later tried to get me to sign a bed bug addendum without properly following procedures to rid surrounding units of potential infestation.

Edited on: Monday, July 1st, 2013 2:05 am

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July 1st, 2013 2:03 pm

30 days notice must be given to all M-2-M tenants – no matter is oral agreement or not
demand everything in wrtiting
also; that’s why a lease is a good idea, protects you and the LL from future disagreements


July 1st, 2013 2:06 pm

apparently your life is already miserable so what have you got to lose?
call the cops


July 1st, 2013 2:09 pm

jail – there’s always jail

Can my landlord do this?

By anonymous

Can a property management company enter the premises without my permission? They do a quarterly inspection on the home. I signed a paper stating that they would send a letter and then give us 7 days to call and set up an appointment. We received a letter on May 25 that stated that they would do the inspection on May 28th. They stated that they could come in without us being there. We did not give permission for the inspection to be done before 3 months. Also we are moving out of the property because of the condition of the property. We gave 30 day notice on May 1 and we already set up a date on May 31 to have them inspect the house at 4:00 pm. Why do they feel the need to make their own appointment earlier than we agreed to?

Edited on: Saturday, May 25th, 2013 10:27 pm

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Can my landlord do this??????

By Wendy

I currently reside in Connecticut. I rented a second floor apartment where the landlords cousin resides in the other apartment. I have NO access to my fuse box and oil furnace. I have repeatedly requested a key to the basement only to be told it couldn’t be located. Now-6 months later-I’m being told there is no access for me and I’m to ask the cousin to help when I need it. I asked for help only to be turned down by the cousin because he’s abusive and I refuse to bow to him!! For the first 2 weeks things were fine. Then all hell broke loose!!! The cousin is a problematic drinker with a LOUD,swearing mouth!! I have a toddler who can clearly hear him because he is EXTREMELY loud!! They now swear. I do not use that type of language-especially around a child so young!!This "person" feels as if he does no wrong because the family makes excuses for him. Because the cousin is vengeful I’ve suffered property damage. I’ve told the landlord I want to call the authorities only to be told if I do he will "make life miserable" for me. My toddler can’t play in the yard-which I’m supposed to have use of-stated in lease-because when we go outside the cousin comes out and starts the foul language and harassing us! I need to know what my legal rights are. Can I break the lease without being held liable? Can I recoup moving expenses? Is the enormous amount of trouble we’ve gone through compensable? Would someone who knows what to do PLEASE HELP US????!!!! Thank you!!!!

Edited on: Saturday, May 25th, 2013 1:45 pm

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can my landlord do this?

By bunny

I have a couple questions… can my landlord refuse to fill oyt a cathlolic cherities rental assistance form? And i was told by the septic tank pumper that my septic is out dated and overflows into or on my lawn and the other half of the house has a huge crack in rhe bottom of theirs and is failing.I have constanr water and mold in my basement and 4 of my main rooms run on one 15amp fuse

Edited on: Saturday, May 11th, 2013 3:16 am

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Can my landlord do this?

By bookert

At the time I signed my lease at this apartment complex, there was open parking.  we were issued 2 parking passes at no charge to show our cars were tenant owned.  during our lease there was a change in management companies and now the new company is mandating a one time $50 charge to get a new parking permit for a 2nd vehicle, otherwise they will tow cars that do not have this new permit.

Edited on: Tuesday, April 30th, 2013 10:41 pm

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Can my landlord do this?



I’ve been renting a home with about 1/2 acre of land for 1 1/2 yrs. The other day I came home to a dump truck load of split wood in the back yard. Today, another dump load. I asked my landlord and he said it was his sons stash. It’s now in one huge pile and probably will stay like that- because he likes to procrastinate when it comes to/doing fixing things. This is also the view I get to look at when I’m at the kitchen sink. Here’s the catch— the house I’m renting does not even have a fireplace!!! This means that whenever his son wants- he can come onto the property to get wood whenever he wants. The LL did not notify me that this was happening, nor did his son. I feel that my rent includes the acreage as well.  The lease states that they are responsible for the mowing and snow removal, but to just drop off/ pick up whenever they want, Can they do this, and if not, how do I handle this. I up keep the house and yard with flowers and a vegetable garden and such, and I like my privacy.

Edited on: Thursday, March 21st, 2013 6:26 pm

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Can my landlord do this?

By Michelle

I moved into a apt complex and signed a 1 yr lease once the lease expired i have decided to go month to month while looking to move .  Because I am month to month my rent has been increased from $1395.00 to $1545.00 and I also have to pay pet rent every month $35.00 in addition.  When paying my rent this month I was told there was an additional $200.00 due .  They are calling it a month to month fee and will reject my rent check without it.  This makes my payment almost $200.00 more than street value.  We also have to pay all utiltities and we dont have separate meters so they prorate per building per apt, they have poor maintenance so we pay for the water leaks in the sprinklers too.  I pay more water here in a tiny 2 bed 1 bath with no washing machine then I did for my 4 bed 2 bath house with a yard and a pool.  Is this fair can they do this?  Can they serve me a 3rd day if i pay the actual rent and not the additional outrageous fees?  I live in California if that makes a difference with the rental laws. 

Edited on: Wednesday, March 6th, 2013 5:47 pm

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Can my landlord do this?


The first week I moved in I noticed some roaches coming out and a bad sewer smell coming from the master back bathroom. I was trying to figure out the smell because I was worried what it was and I pulled up to the house after work and was pulling the trash cans up to the house and a group of kids were walking by and they stopped and he said I used to live in that house I said really he said we had to move there was a bad smell and a water leak and bugs…I didn’t ask to much and he kept walking. So at that time I contacted the water dept to see if there were any leaks in the home in the past thinking that is what is causing the smell. The water Dept told me yes there was and the last 3 bills to the people living there was really high. I contacted the landlord and confronted him of the leak and smell and roaches he came out and patched up the wall around the pipes under the sink and said I was smelling some pesticide they put under the sink cabinet and gave me bombs to set off for the roaches, he said they have found no leak in the house and was watching the meters to the water.  After he left I cold still smell the foul smell under the sink a little so I just turned the water off under the sink and have not used it since and the smell is no longer there.

On February 5th I set the bombs off in the house and went to work.  Saturday the 9th I woke up with bites on my hand and some on my body. So at that point I was trying to figure out what is biting me. Sunday the 10th I woke up and had more bites on me and started panicking to what it was. I was afraid to sleep in my bed at that point and slept on the couch a few days. I did contact the landlord immediately and tell him what was going on and I will let him know if I find what is going on. Wednesday the 13th I came home and found a bug crawling on the bed so I put it in a plastic baggy and starting looking up on the internet what it could be. I found it was a bed bug!!!!!!!!! I put it in a plastic baggy so I could show the landlord and exterminator .I was in panic and called the landlord and told him what it was. He called and said an exterminator would be there Friday at noon to spray. In the meantime I was looking around the house trying to find anything of what was going on I had found in my window seal two tiny bedbugs dead and started taking pictures. I have learned that you cannot get rid of bed bugs with a bomb it just aggravates them so my conclusion was this house has been sprayed for them before I moved in. 

Friday the 15th a man in a car came to my door with my landlord and he was here to spray the house. He went to the trunk of the car and took out a small little carry can sprayer magnifying glass and went in and started spraying. I was asking him about my clothes etc. He didn’t seem too concerned. At that time I didn’t think this was going to fix the problem. He did say that from the looks of it these have been here awhile.  So I went to work for a couple hours and went back home and felt I was getting bit and was afraid with him spraying a couple hours ago they were bad in the house. So I called my landlord and he said he would get me a hotel. I met him at the not so good hotel and stayed there. At this point I was distraught over everything happening knowing my furniture is possibly damaged, clothes, and no way I could stay there. I knew I was bit by spiders, bedbugs, and the little bit of roach problem I couldn’t take it. I decided to stay with my brother that next night and took nothing with me and I called my landlord and told him I don’t think I will and want to live there and he said he hopes I would  stay and they didn’t want to lose me as a tenant. (due to the fact they had very dirty tenants before me and told me that’s why they had to pull up all the carpet and painted and fixed ) he wanted me to give it a couple days so I said ok I will contact you here in a few days. At that time I went in and got one small bag of clothes and a few things to make it for the work week took it to the laundry matt, sprayed my car down, vacuumed over and over trying to keep from spreading these bugs.  I had to let my boss know what was going on because I was in terror thinking I may have carried these up to work. I worry my mother, brother, and daughter’s houses could have them by me going over there the few weeks I did not know what was going on.  Monday the 18th I went to the Dr for my cough and bites because one of my spider bites was purple that bit me on the leg and the other on the arm had a ring around it. The dr was more concerned about the bites on my hand because they didn’t look like the others…He told me it looks like Scabies/Mites and was going to treat me for it and gave me the cream. That night I put it all over my body and a day in a half later they are finally going away and not itching. So now not only did I get bit with bed bugs I was treated or Mites. I called my landlord back on February 19th and told him I could not live there and if he was going to hold me to my two year lease and that I would like my money back. He said no he was not going to hold me to my lease and I asked if he would please put it in writing and that I would be moved out by the 24th and will get with him to give him the keys and such. He said ok I asked if I could have my money back total of  $1820.00(800.00 deposit, 170.00 prorated rent, and 850 for first month rent) he said he would have to look at the lease and didn’t tell me yes or no. He also asked if it was ok if they put a rent sign in the yard and if he could show it. I told him the rent sign was ok but he needed to wait till I was out Sunday the 24th to show it. I could not believe they are going to move someone else in this quick NOT knowing if they are gone and turn another family’s life upside down. My life has been upside down not to mention I am losing everything I have worked for in my home at the moment…I was going to try and salvage a few things but my couch and beds will be gone. I have been losing a lot of sleep and my job has been under stress going through all of this. I haven’t even received my first water bill. What to do….???


Edited on: Thursday, February 21st, 2013 4:51 pm

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February 22nd, 2013 7:31 pm

It looks like your landlord has been very understanding. Wait for the written documentation from your landlord, voiding the lease agreement. You will also need to read your copy in order to get an estimate of how you will be getting back. The total of $1820 is your computation and may not really reflect reality so be prepared for a difference in the total cash amount that you will be receiving. If you don’t want your landlord renting that house, you can have him blacklisted in your local health and housing departments. You can also file a complaint with the RPA so that a history of your experience will be published online, accessible to all. But note that all these steps will create a bad name and reputation to your landlord.

Can my landlord do this

By Betty Brown

I explained to my landlord that I had to break my lease because I was getting custody of my sisters three children, two boys and a girl, the apartment was not big enough to accomodate, I asked how could I get out of my lease I was given a letter that stated that I had to pay $1,000 down I would be responsible for 1 month rent and would have to pay $205 for the additional month.  I paid $1000 before I could settle the rest the landlord turned my case over to a collection agency. First they tried to get me to pay $2700, and my husband to pay $2700, when I told them about the agreement they had me fax them a copy which I did now they want $1400 and are trying to track on all kind of other charges. example, cable was included in the rent, they are trying to charge me for cable, water, blinds being damaged, late fees. I told them that I was only paying what was on the agreement which is $1200. My first question is can they do this. Do I have to pay for items that are not on the agreement and do I have to pay it all at once.

Edited on: Thursday, January 5th, 2012 1:53 pm

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May 29th, 2010 10:57 pm

Hi Betty!

Can your landlord charge you for lease termination fees that are not listed on the lease agreement?  No.
Your landlord will have to honor what the written contract states.  If it specifically discloses an amount for termination, then yes you would be responsible for that amount.
Your landlord can require the money be paid in full prior to you vacating.  There is no law that would require your landlord to create a payment plan.  Many will, but its not required.  You may need legal help to negotiate your lease termination.

Johnnie Landlord

May 30th, 2010 1:42 pm

Its hard to comment too much on your subject without seeing your lease agreement.  There are many types of fees that are justified when dealing with exiting tenants.  Firstly, you are the one that is terminating the agreement, so you are required to pay upfront any fees associated with breaking your lease.

Your landlord can charge you for late fees, repair cost, and possibly marketing cost.  Most depends on the contract.  Look it over to read exactly what they can or can’t do.  It could be possible that your landlord is charging you for fees that are not justified by the contract.  You can and should dispute unfair charges.


May 30th, 2010 1:33 pm

Yes, your landlord can charge you for everything due at once.  it should be in the contract, check it out!

Can my Landlord do this?

By Audrey

I am currently renting a house from a woman whos mother used to live ther who passed away a couple of years ago.  I don’t know if Indiana requires people who rent to obtain a license, but she never made me sign a lease.  She also requested that I pay her in cash.  Perhaps she didn’t want to get taxed?

She stuck a letter in my mailbox ststing I need to be out in seven days or else she was going to call the sheriff.  That is not merely enough time for me.  I read that without a signed lease our agreement would be considered a month to month and she must give me at least thirty days.  Any advice or suggestions on this matter are greatly appreciated.

Edited on: Friday, July 15th, 2011 4:24 am

One Response to “Can my Landlord do this?”

My response: (We welcome stories, examples, explanations, answers and a touch of your personality)


July 9th, 2010 3:20 am

Your landlord cannot call the Sherrif to forcefully evict you unless there is a court order to do so. Your landlord is giving you a ridiculous threat that has no merit. Don’t worry, you have time to find a new place. You haven’t mentioned whether you are in default or why your landlord wants you out. But, even if you are in some type of breach, the landlord will still need to go through the court process to evict you.

If you are not in breach of agreement (even if there is no formal contract) the landlord will need to give you a full 30 days to terminate your lease.

I would tell you to stay and see what happens when your landlord calls the Sherrif– Your landlord will be in for a shock when she finds out that the police can’t do anything to you. :)

Can my landlord do this?


At the end of last summer my air conditioner quite working, it was starting to have cooler weather so i didnt bother reporting to my landlord because i had so many issues w/my air and then my heat I got tired of hasseling it.  I figured I would wait till spring and then put a work order in.  3 weeks we had some 70 degree days. I live in the upstairs apt so it gets 10 degrees hotter than outside.  The next day I went to the office to get a work order in for the a/c thats when the apt mgr informed me its not a/c time and they dont start fixing the a/c units till the temp reach’s 85 degrees i told her when its 85 outside my apt will be 95.  I am a ggod renter allways pay on time and i feel i shouldnt have to live in a sweatbox.  I feel that something should be able to be done about this.  How can they refuse to repair my airconditioner. This is Oklahoma 85 degrees and humid will be unbarable in my apt I know this I went thru it last year.  Is there anything i can do about this?

Edited on: Thursday, September 9th, 2010 3:00 pm

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